Empties: March 2015

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Remember my big pile of empties from January & February? This time I have a lot, too, and if I keep on using up things at the same speed, I won’t have much to show you in April and May, since all of the bottles will be brand new. In March I decided to finish some of my half-empty bath and body goodies, as well as several tubes of travel-sized skincare, and I think I did a pretty good job at that. A lot of these have been sitting around for months after I tried them a few times. It’s not like I could just throw away perfectly good products, so I decided it was finally time to use them all.

empties march 2015SPA Vita Berry Shampoo & Conditioner – I thought I had finished these already, but each one had a couple squirts left to go. After trying these samples, I actually purchased the full-sized versions on Wishtrend, and my husband currently uses the shampoo. I love the way it makes his hair smell!

Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream – A fabulous moisturizer and one of my favorite skincare discoveries of 2014; it helps soften the skin, minimize the breakouts, smooth out fine lines – all while costing only $15! I used it up til the very last drop, and have another one waiting to in the fridge. Why the fridge? Benton products don’t contain preservatives, and keeping them in a cold place is essential so they don’t go bad after a month.

anatomicals you need a blooming shower! your nose smells rose – Super fun name and a super fun body wash that smells like a rose garden. This scent reminds me of my favorite Rose Jam from LUSH, and the hot pink packaging is just pleasant to look at.

LULAH Body Wash Vanilla Orchid – This is another product I thought I finished already, but it still had about a third left in the bottle. As much as I liked it, this body wash wasn’t anything extraordinary, so not sure I’d purchase more. I do like the packaging design, though.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel – These daily peel pads are absolutely amazing, but too expensive for me to repurchase right now [still recovering financially from a recent trip]. I would definitely recommend them though, because it’s one of those products that work overnight, and you will see and feel the difference immediately. Amazing stuff!

SKIN&CO Truffle Body Gel – My favorite part about this body wash is the fragrance; it’s something between sweet honey, woods, ambers, and florals, and it just makes me happy. I would say, it’s purchase-worthy, but I would probably rather spend my money on more LUSH Rose Jam instead.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 23 – I bought Missha BB creams in three different shades to make sure I have darker ones in my stash if I accidentally get a tan during the Summer months, but I only got to use #23 for one season two years ago. After that it was never a good color match for me, and the formula separated to the point where I probably should just toss it already. It’s my HG BB cream though, and if you are looking for a full-coverage foundation with high SPF, this one will rock your socks off.

Panier des Sens Liquid Marseille Soap Hydrating Rose – It’s basically a liquid marseille soap with a gentle vegetable base. It doesn’t foam much, but still cleanses like a champ. You can buy these online in huge bottles, and they are fairly cheap. I liked the way my skin felt and smelled after using this rose-scented variety, and might buy some more just to use as a hand soap.

Atopalm Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum – This is marketed as an eye serum, but it’s really a thick and oily paste, that works well for dry areas around the eyes. I liked using it to soothe and protect my eyelids from cold air and the elements, but doubt I will repurchase, because it’s a bit too greasy for my complexion.

banila co. Clean It Zero – This petroleum-based cleansing balm has a sherbet-like consistency, and it’s one of the best cleansing products I’ve ever tried. It melts makeup off in seconds and turns into milk when you rinse it off. My face feels amazing afterward, and I will definitely purchase more. HG status stuff right here!

Secret Nature From Jeju Serum – This moisturizing serum is made with aloe water and complex of minerals and plant extracts from Jeju Island in Korea [their version of Hawaii]. I think it would be nice for sensitive skin, or for someone under 30, because while it sure makes my face feel soft and moisturized, it didn’t do anything in anti-aging department. Not going to repurchase, but the product isn’t bad.

Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel – I used about half of this night gel, and then forgot about it for years… it expired in 2013. Yeah… I think I liked it back then, but after all these years I just don’t remember anymore.

SKIN INC Custom-Blended Anti-Aging Serum – One of the best products I tried lately, this serum is just perfection in a bottle. The company offers a wide range of solutions customized for specific skin concerns, so I definitely recommend checking them out.

fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream – fresh products are a hit or a miss for me usually, and this moisturizer was definitely a hit. It makes even the most irritated and itchy skin feel soft and calm almost instantly, and adds that dewy finish and glow from within. A really really good cream indeed, and one I would definitely consider repurchasing.

What products did you empty out in March? 

empties march 2015 empties march 2015

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