Cosmetics 27 by M.E. SkinLab Baume 27 Bio-Energizing Cell Repair Balm Review

I have received this skin balm as a prize many months ago and was never quite sure what to do with it. I wanted to sell it since it’s fairly expensive but at the same time the reviews were so positive that I figured I might as well keep it and use it when the time comes.

Well, this winter the time finally came. For the first time in my life my face became dry, out of nowhere I had flakey and irritated skin that would not accept my usual moisturizer and reacted poorly to all of my attempts to soothe it. Even the pure oily products were not rich enough, and an hour or two after the initial application my skin always returned back to that dry and irritated state. I didn’t want to resort to petroleum jelly, and that’s when I remembered about my secret stash.

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