Pop Beauty The Brit Bag on the Go Limited Edition Review

Pop Beauty The Brit Bag on the Go is yet another thing I picked up at Bloom’s final sale. I was looking forward to trying that eye shadow palette which features mostly nudes and neutrals and has a good mix of matte and shimmery shades; the lip stain and the eyeliner were pretty nice bonuses as well. I honestly don’t know when this bag came out, but it must have been a long time since it’s sold out everywhere I looked.

The contents of the bag include:

  • Pop Your Eyes 12-color eye shadow palette for Brown eyes
  • Ink Outliner in Inked
  • Stain Stay in Poppy Kiss

Pop Your Eyes in Brown
The size of this palette makes it perfect to put in any makeup bag, not just the one it came in. Some of the eye shadows are more pigmented than the others but they all seem to work together pretty well. The staying power is not the greatest, a few hours after the initial application they decided to start creasing pretty badly but the first few hours were great. Next time I’m just going to use a better primer and hope the problem fixes itself.

Now here are some swatches from top to bottom.

Ink Outliner in Inked
This liner is super pigmented and glides on really well. It’s kind of on the liquid side and definitely not long-lasting judging from how easily it came off after swatching using plain water and nothing else. The felt tip is cone-shaped so you can draw really thick lines if you ever wanted to.

Stain Stay in Poppy Kiss
This lip stain is more on the dry side but it gives a good amount of pigment and the staying power is incredible. I wore it all day, then went to bed and woke up with the color still on my lips! Recently someone on MakeupTalk said that since she’s read headed she shouldn’t be using red lipsticks, which I completely disagree on. I think there are so many different shades of red that you just have to try a few and see what works with your skin tone. I noticed that I make my makeup choices based on my skin tone and eyes and not at all on my hair color.

You tell me, does this red look good on me or not? Pardon the mess on my head, I didn’t blow-dry my hair today 🙂 This shade also makes your teeth look whiter which is always a nice bonus.

The verdict: This kit was a really good value even without the discount, and I got it literally for $8 from Bloom. My favorite product ended up being the lip stain which was surprising because I had such high hopes for the eye shadows. The eyeliner was just “ok”.

Disclosure: I bought this.