Mint Things for Spring

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Pastel mint, Tiffany blue, Statue of Liberty green, seagreen jade – no matter what you call this color, it undeniably screams “Spring”. In this post I wanted to round up a few things from my stash that represent my love for this fun hue, and also show you the newest addition to my accessory stash. 

Mint things: nail polish, Kate Spade leather satchel, makeup, skin care and more...I love rocking this shade on my nails the most, there’s something so youthful, effortless, and plain happy about it! Of course it probably won’t fly in a conservative work environment, but it’s perfect for everyday wear. I have more minty hues in my polish stash, but these four are currently my favorites: Color Club Blue-Ming, RickyColor 5th Floor WalkupAlessandro Nail Polish Peppermint Patty, and Sally Hansen Jaded. View Post