Clean & Non-Toxic Makeup Faves from Hush + Dotti

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Swatches Clean, Non-Toxic Makeup from Hush + Dotti, Pressed Mineral Foundation in Beach Girl, Organic Concealer in Jane, Organic Mascara, Organic Lipstick in T-Bone

One of the new-to-me brands that I had the pleasure of trying for the first time during my Clean Beauty Month in April was Hush + Dotti. In the age of Etsy shops it’s hard to surprise anyone with handcrafted beauty products, but these guys get major props for keeping their formulations clean, safe, non-toxic, and vegan.

“Born out of our passion for a healthy lifestyle…”

While the concept of clean cosmetics is not new, the entire industry of non-toxic beauty is still flying under the radar, considering that a lot of people don’t know safe makeup is even an option. Hush + Dotti found a sweet spot in this untapped niche, and aside from being one of the few mid-range brands that produce safe and ethical cosmetic, their products are just really darn good. No lie! View Post