The Lotus Essence with Lotus Leaf

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Jeju Island is like USA’s Hawaii, it’s the destination for having an exotic vacation without leaving Korea. It’s also a place with a very unique ecosystem, filled with many plants and animals not found anywhere else on the planet. Due to Jeju’s isolated location, the island is not contaminated by industrial pollution, so all of its plants, fruits, and flowers are unusually potent. This unparalleled effectiveness makes products based on those oils and extracts top of the line, premium goods that are highly sought after by Korean celebrities and skincare lovers alike.

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The Lotus products are created by using lotus extract from plants that grow only at Buphwa temple, a pristine mountain temple on Jeju Island. Combined with skin-brightening niacinimide and natural oils, this highly concentrated essence brightens the skin and smooths rough texture. I recently incorporated The Lotus Essence with Lotus Leaf into my routine, and tested it for a month before writing this review. View Post