Skincare Wardrobe: Winter Moisturizers for Combination/Dehydrated Skin

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5 Best Winter Moisturizers for Combination Dehydrated Skin Type | Sisley Sisleya L’Integral Anti-Age, Kerstin Florian Correcting Rescue Creme, Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream, Nooni Advanced Repair Therapy Super Revitalizing Cream, Rodial Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel
My skincare knowledge has come a long way since I bought my first jar of Garnier moisturizer back in middle school. I used to believe that one product is all I needed [magazines told me so!], and I faithfully used that cream until the jar is empty before buying a new identical one. Almost two decades forward, I realize that, perhaps, it wasn’t the best approach. Thankfully my skin is not too angry at me for years of semi-negligence that sprawled from lack of information. After all, I made an effort and I meant well, so that has to count for something! Today I wanted to share that knowledge with you, in hopes this post may help someone correct their routine and get closer to achieving your ideal complexion.  View Post