Memebox Mask & Study Box

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Memebox Mask & Study Box Review

How long has it been since my last Memebox unboxing? I feel like it’s been ages, or at least it sure feels like it. The main reason for the lack of Memebox features is simple: I hit a serious product overload at some point last year, so I’ve been buying a lot less. Plus, I started accepting more Western products for review, and, you know, since I only have one face, it made rationalizing my Korean skincare purchases even harder. However, I recently looked inside my sheet mask stash and realized that I have maybe a couple weeks worth of them left, which in my case is unacceptable.

I use sheet masks religiously 2-3 times a week, sometimes daily if my skin feels like it needs some extra TLC. There is actually a skincare trend in Korea named 1 day 1 mask, and women [and men!] are encouraged to try using sheet masks daily. Apparently, all of the idols and Korean actresses are following this trend, and considering how beautiful their skin is, I bet they know what they’re doing.

Memebox Mask & Study Box is not the only mask box currently for sale at, but it was the one that grabbed my attention based on the products that were inside. For just $25 I snagged this bundle, that consists of 13 sheet masks + a few extra goodies. I also purchased several additional masks in the Memeshop sale section, so my overall mask count in that order was closer to 20. If I don’t use them daily, this amount should last me a couple months.


Memebox is not a typical subscription service. They periodically curate bundles filled with assorted beauty products popular among Koreans, and those Limited Edition boxes are sold on first come first serve basis. Prices vary depending on the type of the box. All themed boxes tend to sell out fast, so by the time you read this review this particular box probably won’t be available for sale anymore. Click here to see available boxes.


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Memebox Mask & Study Box Review


1 // Berrisom Real Jeju Skin Gel Mask – Memebox Mask & Study Box included three varieties of this gel mask: Brightening, Moisture, and Firming.

Brightening mask is infused with Tangerine Peel extract, so definitely use SPF afterward if you want to avoid irritation caused by sun sensitivity.

Moisture mask uses Green Tea extract to revitalize, refresh, and soothe dry and irritated skin. It’s my favorite of the three!

Firming mask is loaded with Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, and Cactus extract that is currently all the rage in Korea. Asian market is always saturated with all kinds of kooky ingredients, so that’s saying something. This mask is designed to strengthen skin’s protective barrier and make the facial contours appear tighter with regular use. I don’t know about that last part, but it sure left my skin feeling hydrated.

Memebox Mask & Study Box Review

2 // It’s Skin Cream Mask – It’s Skin is an inexpensive drugstore-type brand, and so far I liked some of their products that I had the opportunity to try. Oddly enough, I love their blushes the most so far, haha! In this box, there were three varieties of this biocellulose mask included: Moisture Cream, Glow Cream, and Nutrition Cream.

I actually thought that these are all kind of redundant, but after thinking more about it, I changed my mind. After all, every skin type could use more moisture, but not every skin type needs nourishment. Moisture and Glow are totally redundant though, IMO. What do you think?

Moisture Cream mask is best suited for people with dry skin, and I found it a bit too heavy for my combination skin. There is nothing on the package that highlights any star ingredient, but there are several nice plant extracts in the ingredient list in addition to Hyaluronic Acid.

Glow Cream mask is recommended for those looking to de-stress their skin and activate that healthy glow from within. It’s a brightening mask that contains many antioxidant botanical extracts and a couple proven brightening agents.

Nutrition Cream mask is designed with mature skin in mind. This mask contains shea butter and panthenol that will help strengthen your skin’s lipid barrier, and plump out fine lines so they appear less prominent.

Memebox Mask & Study Box Review

3 // Elensilia IntraCELL Mask – I tried Elensilia products before, and loved their approach to snails. The brand really takes this this ingredient seriously, and they totally mastered the formulas to make them feel luxurious and not sticky at all. These particular masks are each infused with an extra ingredient that determines their purpose.

Escargot + Placenta Firming mask contains a complex of amino acids that targets fine lines and wrinkles and enhances cell growth. To see any real results you’d have to use this mask religiously though.

Escargot + Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing mask is obviously aimed to address dry and dehydrated skin types, but I think people with oily skin who use drying anti-acne treatments often could benefit from this, too. It’s a fairly basic mask that feels very pleasant on the skin.

Escargot + Propolis Reitalizing mask utilizes the power of natural propolis that works really well for irritated skin, so if you have some blemishes this will be the one to try.

Escargot + Caviar Repairing mask contains, duh, caviar extract which has a high amount of Omega fatty acids that can help repair your skin’s protective barrier. It’s a good mask to try if your skin is stressed and in need of some extra nourishment.

Memebox Mask & Study Box Review

4 // Bonvivant That Day Mask – Infused with 70% witch hazel, these masks are created specifically to address hormonal acne. That’s right, there’s a mask for those days, too!

Blemish mask uses antibacterial herb extracts from the Swiss Alps to address the breakouts at the core, and Mugwort to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Brightening mask is enriched with Grapefruit and Acerola extracts, that work in tandem as to exfoliate and lighten discolorations. As always, when using products with citrus oils it’s important to always wear SPF afterward to avoid skin irritation.

Hydrating mask is perfect for quenching your skin if it gets dry during that time of the month [mine totally does!]. This formula contains Snail Secretion Filtrate, or snail slime extract as we lovingly call it, and it’s just the perfect ingredient that helps hydrate and also repair damaged and stressed skin. The formula also includes soothing Chamomile extract to further calm any redness.

Memebox Mask & Study Box Review

5 // EXTRAS: Memebox Pencil Case, Pos-Its, Notebook, and Pen. That’s some cute [and useful] Memebox swag right there! I especially like the pencil case, it’s a nice rubbery material that makes it perfect for carrying my beauty samples, so I will definitely repurpose it as a cosmetic bag.


In retrospect, I don’t think Memebox Mask & Study Box that great of a deal, to be honest with you. If we put all the extras aside, the masks ended up around $1.90 each, which is more than I would normally pay for basic non-hydrogel non-premium masks,  that I will use daily. However, I realize that’s still considered a good price in the US [Korean skincare imports are sold with a hefty markup]. Even so, I do like the variety, and I even found several masks that I plan to purchase again in the future if there’s a good discount [Berrisom masks, the very first ones on the list above].

Do you shop at Memebox? How often do you use sheet masks? Have you tried any of the masks above? Let me know in the comments!

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