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Toxic Beauty Ingredients to Avoid and How to Choose Clean Skincare Products | Green Beauty Blog

Toxic Beauty Ingredients to Avoid

I’ve been dropping hints on this blog for the past few months that I plan to do a month-long beauty experiment, but kept most of the details under wraps until this day. Now that April is finally here, I’m happy to announce that I will be sharing my thoughts – reviews, makeup looks, random lifestyle ramblings – on clean non-toxic beauty for the next several weeks. Let’s be clear, the whole thing is pretty controversial, and there are varying degrees of zealotry involved in eliminating known and potential irritants from your life. For this experiment I will be going by what EWG [Environmental Working Group] considers safe, also double-checking things with CosDNA and lists of “dirty ingredients” that directly or indirectly suggest some compounds may cause health or skin issues. Depending on my own level of enthusiasm about the whole project, I may extend it for another month. We’ll see! View Post