This is Why I Haven’t Shared My Updated Skincare Routine with You Yet

This is Why I Haven't Shared My Updated Skincare Routine with You Yet

The majority of my posts on this blog are review-type, so it’s been a while since I wrote a chit chatty piece. I wanted to touch base on one of the most – if not the most – requested topics to cover: what does my skincare routine look like? I promise guys it’s not just you, I’m always curious to see skincare routine examples, too! It’s fascinating to discover what other people use: how they combine different products, what high and low brands work well together, what actives they prefer etc etc…

However, I am not quite ready to share my updated routine yet. Truth is, my skin kind of sucks right now.

Most of my current skin issues are internal in nature. I have new medication to take, my body is still recovering from a serious infection that I had a few months ago, and I only recently started sleeping better at night. On top of it, I am eating too much junk food and sweets lately, mainly ice cream and chocolate.

This summer I tested a lot of new skincare, and as you know it’s not always a smooth sail – something’s bound to go wrong eventually. I experienced a few cases of breakouts, excessive dryness and inflammation, and it took weeks to get things under control each time.

There were quite a few standouts, too, and I plan to tell you about them in an upcoming post. Even though individually they are all fantastic, I didn’t use all of those products at once in a single routine because some of them just don’t play well with each other: formula clashes, flaking off, ingredients cancel each other out etc.

I’m still slowly picking up the pieces after losing my MIL in March. Her passing affected me more than I imagined. She was my confidante, best friend, and I was just as close to her as I am with my own mom. I was in a state of shock and nothing seemed to excite me anymore. Eventually I even lost my passion for blogging and social media and had to force myself to keep things updated once in a while just so my blog and social channels aren’t empty.

Things are getting better lately though. I’m far from being at 100%, but at least I can feel the tiny spark again, and I hope it means this train will get back on the right track eventually.

xoxo, Anastasia