Two-Product FOTD

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Do you ever wake up, look at yourself in the mirror, and go “Aw yeah, this is a good skin day!”. Whenever I get one of those days, I like giving my face a well-deserved rest from heavy makeup and just go with full-on skin care. Even if I do need to run errands, I opt in for literally two products – a bright lipstick and a volumizing mascara, because they enhance the features without looking too heavy, and steal the attention from small imperfections, like hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and minor blemishes.

Two-Product FOTD // Makeup Look using Givenchy Le Rouge 304 Mandarine Bolero and MAC False Lashes Mascara >> | via @glamorableBoth products I’m wearing in today’s FOTD were received as samples with purchase. On my lips I’m rocking Givenchy Le Rouge in 304 Mandarine Bolero from a magazine peelie, and my lashes are coated with MAC False Lashes Mascara. I actually already own the full sized tube of that mascara, but it was one of the options at checkout when I was shopping at Nordstrom, so I figured why not: I already love it, and it’s always nice to have backups of my favorites, even if they are in a sample format.

Two-Product FOTD // Makeup Look using Givenchy Le Rouge 304 Mandarine Bolero and MAC False Lashes Mascara >> | via @glamorableI already own Le Rouge in another color, but the formula seems to vary slightly between different shades, so this was a new discovery for me. I was pleased with the outcome: it went on smoothly and felt great on lips, and once the balmy part wore off, it revealed the most perfect and evenly distributed matte lip stain. This color is gorgeous, and seriously warms up my complexion; and I’m sure it’s among the favorites for many ladies out there.

Remember my recent blog post [read: rant] about the importance of trying samples? Well, this is the opposite case of trying a sample and completely falling in love with the product!


Do you ever go bare-faced? What is the minimal amount of makeup you wear these days? What was the last product you bought after trying a sample? Let me know in the comments below!

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