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Now that I have a solid stash of fragrance staples I’ve been getting more experimental with my Scentbird shipments. This month I picked Thirdman Eau Nomade [$105, available here], a unisex fragrance that lists only three notes in its entire bouquet. I was intrigued by this deceptively simple combination of cardamom, lemon, and blood orange, so of course I had to have it!

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Thirdman fragrance company was founded on the notion that everybody needs a bottle of traditional eau de cologne in their home. Eau de Cologne was always used liberally as a splash of freshness. Adored by both men and women, this classic bitter citrusy blend was more of a lifestyle than a personal scent.

“Why dab a little when you can dab a lot! – Thirdman” 


Thirdman Eau Nomade is classic Eau de Cologne reimagined with Indian flair. I own a bottle of the original that I bought as a souvenir on a trip to Cologne, Germany a few years ago, and I attest that there are definitely similarities between the two, but instead of trying to compare the notes I will just say that Eau Nomade is like D&G Light Blue took a trip to a spice bazaar.

Even though there are only three notes, they suddenly develop into things that aren’t there. Throughout the wear I start smelling hints of balsam, aquatic notes, salty air and Mediterranean breeze, vetyver, bergamot, lemon bark, and mint tea. It definitely reads a little sporty, and even masculine on drydown, but I happen to wear men’s colognes well so it doesn’t bother me at all.

There is one quality that makes this fragrance a summer staple: you just can’t over-apply it. I could bathe in it and not offend anybody in a public area, because the concentration of fragrance oils is very minimal, making it a true EDT.

You can purchase Thirdman Eau Nomade at Scentbird.

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Have you tried the original Eau de Cologne? Do you wear fragrances marketed for the opposite sex? Let me know in the comments below!

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