Luna’s Corner #4

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Luna's Corner #4 - How to Tell Your Cat Loves You

Hi, minions, Luna here! I know it’s been a while, so today I’m going to give you an update on my life happenings as of lately.

Since I’m all grown up,Ā I improved my jumping game, and now I can easily leap to my human’s eye level from the floor. Great jumping skills is what my breed is known for [aside from our luscious coats] because my hind legs are longer than the front paws. Born with model proportions, what can I say šŸ˜‰

I also changed my sleeping routine, and now instead of snoozing on the bed beside my humans I choose to take naps on the floor in the hallway.

Luna's Corner #4 - How to Tell Your Cat Loves You

And most importantly, my human and I finally came to an understanding on how to properly satisfy my feeding needs. You see, she was really stuck up on this idea that I must eat only a certain type of wet food and nothing else, so I manifested my displeasure with short-term hunger strikes. I didn’t mean to make her feel bad, but since she doesn’t understand cat language I couldn’t think of any other way to let her know. I know there are other methods, like scratching the furniture, loud meowing, and ruining her slippers, but I like to think I am above those petty tactics.

Luna's Corner #4 - How to Tell Your Cat Loves You

These days my perfectly balanced meals consist of wet Purina cat food sprinkled with my favorite PurinaĀ® Pro PlanĀ® Savor Shredded BlendĀ for Cats for added crunchĀ and to helpĀ keep my teeth looking nice and clean. I savor every bite of it! I like to change thingsĀ up and alternate between Chicken & Rice formula and Salmon & Rice for added variety [real poultry and fish is theĀ #1 ingredient], both of which can be easily found at your local PetSmart. So far I’ve been on this new dietĀ plan for 3 months and I haven’t skipped a meal yet!

PurinaĀ® Pro PlanĀ® comes inĀ three nutritional platforms ā€“ Savor, Focus and True Nature ā€“Ā so all kittiesĀ can get balanced and nutritious meals regardless of their lifestyle. Backed by a team of over 400Ā scientists including pet nutritionists, veterinarians and behaviorists, every ingredient inĀ PurinaĀ® Pro PlanĀ® cat food wasĀ carefully chosen for a specific purpose.

Luna's Corner #4 - How to Tell Your Cat Loves You

I had to think of a way to thank my human for going an extra mile to satisfy my needs, so I developed a few tricks to let her know that her efforts are much appreciated. Dear fellow felines, if you are fond of your big furless friends here is your cheat sheet!


1 // STARE. As you and I know, cats generally do not look each other in the eye, because in our world it is considered to be the sign of a challenge or straight up aggression. However, humans are different from us, and when they look at each other it’s usually a sign of adorationĀ and confidence. While we catsĀ can’t say anything, we can still learn to speak humanĀ language without using words.

2 // GREET. My male human goes to work every day, so when it’s time for him to come back I sit and wait by the door. I learned to recognize his footsteps and would greet him with a loud meow and leg rubs.

3 // FOLLOW. I follow my humans everywhere they go, and try divide my attention equally.Ā I want to be everywhere they want to be, and I want to know what they’re doing.

4 // BLINK. Slow blinking while looking my human straight in the eye is a sign of trust in cat language. I think they know, because they’ve been slow blinking back šŸ™‚

5 // GIFTS. As an indoor cat I can’t exactly bring a dead mouse or a bird as a gift, but I can generously offer my toys, even my very special green mousie.

Luna's Corner #4 - How to Tell Your Cat Loves You


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Luna's Corner #4 - How to Tell Your Cat Loves You


For the odd humans reading this column [because come on, it’s written for cats after all], remember that no matter what we do or how we act, you are the center of our universe. I can’t speak for all cats, but as an indoor feline my only friends are the people who live in the house, and occasional visitors that come over to play with me. I just wish I could somehow tell them how important they are to me, and how happy I am to be part of the household, but just like I have my 5 ways to show love, they have their ways of showing love toward me, too. We bond every day through little things, and I’m savoring every minuteĀ spent together. One of ourĀ favorite games involves my human throwing a kibbleĀ ofĀ PurinaĀ® Pro PlanĀ® Savor Shredded Blend for Cats across the room and me running toward itĀ like it’s some tiny prey. After devouring my catch I come back to the human and thank her for the treat with lots of purring and rubs. It’s little moments like these that make me feel comfortable, loved, and understood, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Goodness, I am getting all teary-eyed and sentimental… Time to go wreck that green mousie I’ve been stashing away under the couch for a day like this.

Til next time, minions!

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