Scentbird Review – Marc Jacobs Decadence

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It’s been a while since I wrote about my Scentbird experience, so some of you may not know about this service. Long story short: I got a press sample to review when the service first launched, then got hooked and now subscribe with my own money. And when a blogger buys something after trying it for free, that speaks volumes about the product, doesn’t it?

Scentbird Review - Marc Jacobs Decadence. Read more at >> | via @glamorable

HOW IT WORKS: For $14.95/month Scentbird subscribers receive a 30-day supply of 100% authentic luxury perfume picked from the pool of fragrances you might like based on your scent preference. Alternatively, subscribers can create a queue of perfumes they want to try and receive exactly what they want. To start your olfactory experience, fill out the survey and get a new vial delivered to you every month. Click here to check it out.

COUPON CODE: For a limited time only use code BIRD50 to get 50% discount on your first month. If the previous coupon doesn’t work, try GET25 or SCENTBIRD25 for 25% off your first month, or SWEET15 for 15% off.

What I originally liked about Scentbird is the versatility of the perfumes they represent. They have a little bit of everything: higher end designer fragrances from Hermes and Tom Ford, men’s colognes, and even some niche concoctions from brands like Odin, Montale, and Juliette Has a Gun. And their collection is always growing!

Scentbird Review - Marc Jacobs Decadence. Read more at >> | via @glamorable

For the month of November I selected one of the newly released perfumes that was on my bucket list to try: Marc Jacobs Decadence, marketed as the company’s first “mature” fragrance of 2015. Don’t be alarmed, by “mature” they mean the overall attitude of the person wearing Decadence, and not just a nice way to say “old lady perfume”.

Marc Jacobs Decadence is a sensual, luxurious, woody fragrance, embodying the spirit of irreverent glamour. The bottle is a new twist on putting perfume in your purse. The cap features a deep green python print and a gold chain adorned with a black tassel that can be used to carry the bottle. 

I think the only way I can describe Decadence is an “olfactory explosion of fruits and flowers”. The fragrance devours everything from the first spritz!

  • Top notes: Italian plum, saffron and iris.
  • Middle notes: Bulgarian rose, Sambac jasmine and orris root.
  • Base notes: Amber, vetiver and papyrus wood.

Ladies, if you are prone to migraines – avoid this one at all costs. Don’t even sniff the peelie magazine inserts: this fragrance is overpowering! My poor nose got completely overwhelmed, which is not really the fragrance’s fault, because I consider myself a scent-sensitive person. I’ve been subscribed to Scentbird for a while, and this is only the second time I didn’t like my monthly sample. Statistically, that’s a very low percentage, considering I queue them sight unseen based only on the description alone. Overall, I am still glad I tried Marc Jacobs Decadence, because I was thinking of buying it as a gift [the packaging sure is gorgeous]. Now I know better!

Scentbird Review - Marc Jacobs Decadence. Read more at >> | via @glamorable

My December vial ships on the 15th and I can’t wait to give it a whiff! Spoiler alert: it’s a safe pick from Hermes.

WHERE TO BUY: $95 USD for 1.7 oz. Available at Sephora, Ulta.

What was the last fragrance that gave you a headache? have you tried Marc Jacobs Decadence yet? What do you think about the idea of trying new fragrances every month with Scentbird? Let me know in the comments below!

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