Refreshing Skin Hydrators from PIXI

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Refreshing Skin Hydrators from PIXI | Hydrating Milky Serum, Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths, H2O Skindrink

To think that I was complaining about the weather being too cool for end of spring, and now we’re in the 80s! With daily temperatures on the rise it’s only natural that most of us will be switching to lighter moisturizers, or at least I know I will. Featherweight serums and emulsions dominate my skincare shelf this season, and more often than not I omit the traditional cream moisturizers all together. There are several other products I’ve been favoring lately, but I just wanted to try something new so I decided to give new PIXI Skintreats a shot.

PIXI’s skincare line is already a major hit in the UK, and it recently started gaining popularity in the US when Target began stocking cult favorite Glow Tonic. These days whenever I go to Target I always see women inspecting signature pistachio-colored tubes and bottles, ready to discover something new. In today’s blog post I wanted to highlight three PIXI Skintreats products I’ve been testing, one of which somehow managed to become a daily staple. 

What I look for in my summer moisturizers is the ability to hydrate and retain moisture as long as possible. Ideally, the formula would include aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, a couple natural oils for occlusive properties, and maybe glycerin. Why didn’t I mention any anti-aging ingredients, you might ask? Well, I primarily use moisturizers to seal in my anti-aging serums and essences, so it’s not a defining factor for me personally; it’s a nice bonus, but not a requirement.

Refreshing Skin Hydrators from PIXI | Hydrating Milky Serum, Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths, H2O Skindrink

PIXI Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths [$10, available here] are a real treat for my face in the morning and whenever I feel like my skin has become sweaty and sticky. Enriched with aloe vera and camellia oil, they provide instant cooling effect along with lasting hydration, which is not very typical for cleansing wipes in general. These wipes are not intended for makeup removal, they’re purely for refreshment, and they do their job well. I think these would be great for traveling or the gym, but I’ve been using them after I wake up to immediately remove the leftover residue from my overnight mask. You probably think that I could just go wash my face instead, but if I’m washing it with water I need to follow up with a bunch of other products or my skin will dry out instead. A wipe is a much faster solution, IMO!

Refreshing Skin Hydrators from PIXI | Hydrating Milky Serum, Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths, H2O Skindrink

PIXI Hydrating Milky Serum [$24, available here] is formulated with rose flower extract, jojoba oil, and aloe vera to nourish dehydrated skin. This lotiony serum feels very lightweight, so it will work for all skin types, even oily. The bottle comes with a separate dropper cap, so you can choose how you want to use this product. I love droppers so I equipped my bottle with it almost immediately [after taking these photos, anyway], but shaking out the milky emulsion was pretty easy, too, if you would rather do that. As for the effect, well, it both worked and didn’t work for me. While I enjoyed how my cheeks, chin, and forehead felt after the application, my chin immediately turned red and irritated. Weird, how it’s literally just one spot on my face that I had problems with, but that alone is enough for me to discontinue use. Honestly, if not for this incident I would have made Hydrating Milky Serum part of my daily routine. However, I am staying true to my “no-compromise skincare” promise to find new homes for products that don’t 100% work for me without looking for excuses to continue using them, so I will be giving this one away.

Refreshing Skin Hydrators from PIXI | Hydrating Milky Serum, Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths, H2O Skindrink

PIXI H2O Skindrink [$22, available here] on the other hand proved to be more than just another aloe vera gel. This intensely hydrating moisturizer felt more like a lightweight silicone primer and made my skin look instantly plumper and more hydrated. It makes a nice base for sunscreen and makeup, so I can definitely see myself using it regularly throughout summer months. Perhaps, the only thing I wasn’t too crazy about is the fragrance: H2O Skindrink is very heavily scented, and when you first apply it to the skin the floral notes can get overpowering. Luckily, they evaporate quickly and without a trace, but if you are very sensitive to scents I would recommend avoiding this one.

Random fact: H2O Skindrink was made in Korea, and we all know about the quality of Korean skincare. No wonder I ended up liking it so much!

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Refreshing Skin Hydrators from PIXI | Hydrating Milky Serum, Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths, H2O Skindrink


Regardless of the outcome, I enjoyed trying all three products. I absolutely love the cleansing cloths, and they are now a staple in my morning routine. I wish the serum didn’t irritate my chin, because otherwise my skin felt and looked fantastic everywhere else. Alas, I can’t be bothered to apply my serums topically – that method is reserved for actual topical treatments, and those only. And, of course, H2O Skindrink is perfection in a bottle for my skin that tends to get a little too oily if I apply wrong stuff when it’s hot out. Because it has primer-like qualities, it actually does double-duty, and I love a good multitasker for hot weather! This is probably the only time during the entire year when I pare down my 10-step Korean skincare routine to a mere 4-5 products, because my face simply can’t take any more.

You can find PIXI Skintreats products at your local Target and online.

Have you tried PIXI skincare before? What is your favorite moisturizer for summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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