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Dermakey Skincare | She's First Whitening Cream, She's 4th Aurora Skin Elixier 3D Perfectioner

Dermakey is a dark horse in the world of Korean skincare. They are kinda well-known [in Korea at least], yet you don’t see many bloggers talking about them, or major Western Kbeauty stockists rushing to put their products on the shelves. I have a couple guesses as to why, but we’ll talk about that later.

Dermakey Skincare | She's First Whitening Cream, She's 4th Aurora Skin Elixier 3D Perfectioner

Dermakey She’s 4th Aurora Skin Elixier 3D Perfectioner [$104, available in Korea] is something between a serum and an essence. When dispensed it looks like a pearly paste that quickly melts into the skin, leaving it slightly shimmery thus providing primer-like qualities. According to the info I found [there isn’t much, and I’m not good at translating from Korean], the formula is enriched with proprietary molecules Aquaporin-3 and Y-Oryzanol as well as Lotus extract, that hydrate and brighten the skin, gradually improving the appearance of discolorations. As you can see, I used up about half of the bottle, and to be honest I didn’t notice any improvement to my skin. The serum reeks of Alcohol, and that’s something I wasn’t a huge fan of but I still wanted to continue testing it because I was curious if it works. Since I see no need to use a product that doesn’t seem to do me any good, I will be passing it on to someone else.

Dermakey Skincare | She's First Whitening Cream, She's 4th Aurora Skin Elixier 3D Perfectioner

Dermakey She’s First Whitening Cream [$42, available in Korea] is not really whitening. This popular marketing trick is often used in Korean cosmetics, but very few of them actually change the color of one’s skin. That’s probably the main reason a lot of Westerners are reluctant to try Korean products, because everything has a “whitening” label plastered over it, and we are used to FDA regulations prohibiting such claims if they aren’t true. But, guys, Korea has their own regulations, and as far as they are concerned whitening and brightening are the same thing, so why not use the one that sounds the most appealing to their target demographic. Anyhow, She’s First Whitening Cream contains Adenosine, 6% Niacinamide, and lots of plant extracts. Additionally, three different cosmetic patents were used to create the formula. Dermakey promises visible results in as little as 7 days, but it took about 2 weeks for me to really see the difference.

Dermakey Skincare | She's First Whitening Cream, She's 4th Aurora Skin Elixier 3D Perfectioner

Unlike She’s 4th, this cream had a very faint citrusy fragrance, and the consistency reminded me of sunscreen. The formula is pasty white, and everything about it smells and feels like an SPF product, down to the white cast it leaves on the skin. So while I admit that it definitely does a great job brightening skin discolorations like freckles and acne scars [not in 7 days, as promised, but still], the texture made it hard for me to enjoy. I use sunscreen every single day, and I know that Korean companies can do better than that. I liked She’s First Whitening Cream when I originally got the box, but I didn’t have a chance to use it long enough so my first impression is totally different.

So why do you think it’s so hard to find these Dermakey products in the US or in any online stores with Worldwide shipping? Personally, I think the main reason is the price tag that’s too high, and unreasonably so. This brand can’t withstand the competition with products that boast similar benefits and cost times and times less. Kbeauty is a dog eat dog market, after all. I personally did not find anything revolutionary about this serum or the cream, and I bet many people who also had the opportunity to test various brightening skincare products through Memebox would agree with that assessment.

Have you tried Dermakey skincare? Do you use whitening or brightening products in your skincare routine? Let me know in the comments below!

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