Pulsaderm Buddy Review

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Remember my post from a few weeks ago where I mentioned that Foreo LUNA is currently my go-to brush for travel? I recently discovered another travel alternative – Pulsaderm Buddy, a waterproof, fully functional travel-sized sonic cleansing system.

Pulsaderm Buddy ReviewMany sonic cleansing systems are either large in size to begin with or come with bulky charging stations. Pulsaderm Buddy measures 2 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches and fits perfectly in your palm, which makes it not only a great tool that can fit in any gym or travel bag, but also the perfect device to keep in a small bathroom. Kind of the same idea as smaller appliances taking less counter space in the kitchen; and who doesn’t like lots of free counter space?

Pulsaderm Buddy comes with two brush heads: Regular and Sensitive. They both feature concave shape that helps clean hard to cover spots – chin creases and areas around the nose – more efficiently and without splashes of water flying everywhere [trust me, it’s a real problem with some brushes I’ve tried].

Pulsaderm Buddy ReviewWhen I said it comes with two brush heads, I literally meant that it comes with them. That’s right, no need to buy the brush heads separately, the kit already includes both the regular brush for the days when you need a little extra cleansing, and the sensitive one when your skin is throwing a fit. By the way, the bristles on both heads are actually kind of firm and remind me of my makeup buffing brushes [for those who want to use this brush for applying makeup, Pulsaderm also sells sponge attachments]. My combination skin is a little on the thin side, so I thought that the sensitive attachment worked better for me personally. I repurposed the regular brush to use for my elbows and knees, and so far it seems to be keeping them in good condition.

Pulsaderm Buddy ReviewWhat else is in the kit? A USB charger with AC adapter [so handy for trips!], a guide booklet, a cosmetic bag, and a handle in the color of your choice. Pulsaderm Buddy comes in pink, white, blue and green colors, so there’s something for everyone. My Buddy is in lavender, which was recently discontinued, but I had a really hard time picking a color because they’re all so pretty!

Pulsaderm Buddy features proprietary sonic technology that delivers thousands of 3D micro-pulsations to help gently and effectively push out dirt, oil, dead skin cells, makeup, sunscreen, and other impurities from the pores, without irritating the skin; it is currently the most sophisticated method of physical facial cleansing.

WHERE TO BUY: $69 USD. Available at Pulsaderm.

Are you currently using a sonic cleansing device? Do you travel with it?

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