High End Empties vol. 38 & Project Pan 2019

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High End Empties vol. 38 & Project Pan 2019

High End Empties vol. 38 & Project Pan 2019

Project Pan 2019 continues! If you read my previous empties post, then you remember that I made a resolution to finish at least 100 beauty products this year. Well, so far I only managed to empty 10, but the year’s not over yet so I’m sure we will get there by the end of December. Lately, I’ve been focusing on items from my high ends beauty stash, so today I am sharing my thoughts on five of them.


1 // Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX ($84) – I splurged on this serum last year after reading lots of rave reviews from kbeauty bloggers who swear by its hanbang properties. It’s one of those products that you aren’t sure is doing anything at all, but you definitely notice its absence. It just makes my skin glow from within, and using it is a sensorial pleasure on a whole new level. I was lucky to score a fresh new bottle from Octoly a couple weeks ago, but once that one runs out I will probably end up buying a new one again.

Repurchase? Yes.

2 // Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner ($39) – This toner is my go-to for layering lightweight hydrating products, and it pairs especially well with hyaluronic acid serums and sheet masks. I love the subtle floral scent as well – it’s like being in a garden surrounded by blooming jasmine trees! I’m already on my third bottle, and will probably purchase another one when I run out.

Repurchase? Very likely.

3 // Dermadoctor Kakadu C Brightening Daily Cleanser* ($36) – This pH-balanced cleanser is easily one of the best on my recent memory. It never strips my skin of moisture, removes makeup like a champ, and helps protect the skin’s acid mantle. It’s pricey but a bottle will last a long time; I highly recommend it.

Repurchase? No, but I do recommend trying it if you are not 100% happy with your current cleanser.

High End Empties vol. 38 & Project Pan 2019


4 // Shu Uemura Art of Hair Urban Moisture Shampoo* ($48) – I originally purchased the shampoo + conditioner duo on my own, and then lucked out when I spotted them again for free on Octoly. The bottle in the photo is the gifted one so I marked it as a PR sample. Anyhow, this line is aimed for frizzy, stressed locks, and my hair is loving it! Oddly enough, I ran out of the shampoo before the conditioner, and usually, it’s the other way around. I think it’s because the shampoo is quite gentle and I always feel like I need to use more product to get my hair thoroughly clean. But maybe it’s all in my head and I could get by using the suggested amount, too. Either way, this line, in particular, worked wonders for my fine, flat, and frizzy hair.

Repurchase? Yes, especially if I spot it on sale.

5 // Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath* ($70) – I love taking baths this time of the year! There’s nothing like a nice soak on a cold winter day. To make my baths extra special I usually dress things up with bubbles, bath salts, fragrant oils, and sometimes with fun bath bombs. I was gifted this exquisite milk soak a few months ago but didn’t get around to actually using it until recently. It’s such a treat for the senses! The soak turns the water milky white and makes me wonder if this is what Cleopatra’s famous milk baths must have been like. I do love this bath soak, but unfortunately, it’s outside of my price range for this type of product.

Repurchase? No, mainly because of the price. But I do love it! 🙂

By the way, it turns out that several of my blogger friends had similar resolutions for 2019, so we decided to create a little support chat and share each other’s progress in our empties stories. It’s always fun to see what everyone’s been using and loving or to get some insight about products that didn’t quite live up to expectations. Here are everyone’s individual links:

What was the last product you finished or hit pan on? Do you have any fresh 2019 empties yet?

*Indicates PR samples. 

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