High End Empties vol. 37 & Project Pan 2019

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High End Empties vol. 37 & Project Pan 2019

High End Empties vol. 37 & Project Pan 2019

Well, it’s official – I am finally participating in a Project Pan challenge! I’ve been good at finishing products in general, but not good enough, so I decided to challenge myself to finish at least 100 beauty products this year. That adds up to roughly 8 products per month, which sounds like a lot but also kind of doable. I don’t actually expect to go through 8 jars of moisturizer every time, but I will be including half-finished tosses and hair care + body care because I go through those quickly.

To kick off the series, how about another high end empties post? The previous one turned out to be quite successful, so I thought I would try to hit pan on some more fancy products and let you know my final thoughts on those as well. Most of these I finished in December and January, and there is also one bottle from late November. Usually, I manage to finish a little bit of everything, but this time it’s all skincare!

High End Empties vol. 37 & Project Pan 2019


1 // GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment* ($59) – Described as a “facial in a jar”, this is probably the most famous GLAMGLOW treatment. It really does boost the skin after one use, but the effects are mostly temporary. My complexion looks brighter and more even, and the cheeks have a healthy rosy flush every time I use this mask. It also tightens the facial contours somewhat, I just wish the effect lasted longer than a day.

Repurchase? Not right now, but I may in the future. It’s a good one.

2 // Rodial Glamoxy Snake Mask* ($83) – I received this back when peel-off charcoal masks were having a moment. Remember that viral video of a girl struggling to remove one? I imagine she used something similar to this mask because it sticks to the skin like glue. You can’t just pull it off in one quick swipe or you risk damaging your skin. However, as intense as it sounds, this mask really goes deep into the pores and takes out more gunk than milder versions. There are only two things I don’t like about it: it has a very strong herbal fragrance that you can’t escape while the mask dries, and of course the removal process could be a little more newbie friendly.

Repurchase? Probably not because it’s not really a must-have in my routine. It was nice to try though.

3 // Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum* ($65) – Water Drench is probably my favorite line from Peter Thomas Roth. I especially adore the moisturizer from the line, but the serum is another long-time bestie. The formula is so gentle, it’s one of the few products my skin can tolerate when it’s sensitized. I love that it’s fragrance-free and doesn’t contain harsh ingredients.

Repurchase? I might! Whenever I think of my #1 HA serum, this one immediately comes to mind.

High End Empties vol. 37 & Project Pan 2019

4 // elemental herbology Cell Nourish Facial Serum* ($84) – It took me a while but I finally finished this serum. In the end, I still like it just as much as I did when I first started the bottle. In my experience, this is more of an energy-boosting blend, something to give the skin a little oomph and add a healthy glow. This creamy serum is perfect for colder weather due to its barrier-boosting properties, and I also found the scent very refreshing. By the way, the fragrance in all of elemental herbology products is naturally-derived. They also skip artificial colors, sulphates, parabens, and mineral oils, which I can definitely appreciate.

Repurchase? It’s a great serum, but at this time I am not looking for another bottle.

5 // DERMAdoctor Kakadu C Eye Souffle* ($68) – This is probably, one of the best eye creams I discovered last year. The texture is exactly as described – a fluffy, whipped souffle that melts into the skin like butter. It softens, hydrates, and makes my eye area look so nice and fresh! I am a big fan of this brand in general, but their Kakadu C line is bae; literally, every single product that I tried has been outstanding.

Repurchase? I totally would, and I recommend giving it a try if it fits your budget.

What was the last product you finished or hit pan on? Do you have any fresh 2019 empties yet?

*Indicates PR samples. 

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