PIXI MultiBalm Review & Swatches

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PIXI Multibalm Swatches, Review

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a fan of multi-purpose beauty products. Until recently, I didn’t have time for an elaborate makeup routine, so I often cut corners or skipped steps to save time. You know, for every girl that has a separate product for each step of her routne, there’s another girl that will use lipstick as blush and matte eyeshadows as eyeliner or brow powder. I used to be that second girl.

PIXI Multibalm Swatches, Review PIXI Multibalm Swatches, Review

Currently my schedule – although still¬†kind of crazy – allows for some extra time to spend on my beauty rituals, but I still enjoy using multi-purpose beauty products on occasion. That especially holds true when I’m lucky enough to travel somewhere for a nice, relaxing vacation. Truth be told, even though I love my elaborate 10-step Korean skincare routine and careful no-makeup makeup look¬†[that in reality takes forever to achieve], I just don’t want to spend that kind of time when I could instead be exploring local food joints, museums, and other fun places to be.

That’s where multi-sticks come in! My current favorites are made by NARS, but looks like Bite Beauty is creeping in as a strong contender. Both of these make great department store choices, but now there are affordable alternatives you can pick up at a local Target. Of course, I’m talking about new PIXI Multibalm sticks that can be worn on your cheeks and lips.

PIXI Multibalm comes in 5 shades:

  • Watermelon Veil – baby pink
  • Sheer Sculpt – cocoa
  • Wild Rose – mauve rose
  • Baby Petal – peachy nude
  • Soft Strawberry – strawberry red

I received all five to try out and share my thoughts with you.

PIXI Multibalm Swatches, Review

My first impression so far is mostly positive. I’ve worn these on cheeks and lips, and as most products of this type, they fare better on the cheeks after all. Lighter colors – Watermelon Veil and Baby Petal – look a little patchy on the lips, but deeper ones – Wild Rose and Soft Strawberry – impart a rich, opaque color. The bronzer stick – Sheer Sculpt – worked well for contouring, better than I thought actually.

Wear time is pretty consistent on all five shades. With a light swipe of dusting powder on top, they all seemed to stay on the cheeks from the time I applied them in the morning til I took off my makeup at night, without much fading. On the lips they last about as long as a semi-matte lipstick would – 4-5 hours with minimal interference, or about 2-3 in actual life situation. The result really depends on your habits: whether you lick your lips a lot, or rub them together often. Naturally, the color fades after eating, too.

PIXI Multibalm Swatches, Review PIXI Multibalm Swatches, Review

What I liked most about PIXI Multibalm sticks is definitely the finish. Unlike many cream stick products, these were not even a little bit greasy, which I know is a dealbreaker for those of us with oily and combination skin. Instead, they set with a powdery finish that doesn’t look like it was a cream product at all.

PIXI infused the formula with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Rose Hip Oil to nourish and protect the skin, but I don’t think the amount is significant to make any real difference. I will say though that despite looking matte they don’t feel dry on the lips, so I guess that Shea Butter is doing its magic after all.

PIXI Multibalm Swatches, Review

You can purchase PIXI Multibalm sticks at Target and PIXI.

Do you use multisticks in your routine? Have you spotted PIXI Multibalm at your local Target? Let me know in the comments below!

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