Paul & Joe Beaute Winter 2020/21 Swatches & Review

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Paul & Joe Beaute Winter 2020/21 Swatches & Review

Paul & Joe Beaute Winter 2020/21 Christmas Collection Swatches & Review

I don’t know about you, but the entire 2020 felt like one big blurb to me and I’m glad it’s finally over. Even with all the beautiful holiday collections put up by the brands to lift our quarantine-exhausted spirits, Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas. Now it’s January and I’m only now getting to explore some of these launches as if finally waking up from a bad dream. Paul & Joe Beaute is one of those brands that always puts a smile on my face. Their products feel like tiny treasures – so intricately crafted and packaged, every detail seems meaningful and intentional. This small collection was released to bring some cutesy cheer this winter: a duo of lovely hand creams, a setting powder meets blusher to add a rosy bite to cheeks and brighten the skin tone, and a purse-perfect hair and body spray to refresh throughout the day.

Paul & Joe Beaute Winter 2020/21 Swatches & Review Paul & Joe Beaute Winter 2020/21 Swatches & Review

Left to right: red petal, yellow petal, pearly petal, all mixed together.

Face Powder Limited 001 comes in a darling paper compact and contains seven little color-correcting “petals”. It’s meant to be sheer with a slight peachy-rosy tint so it took me several swipes to get swatches of individual petals – they are nowhere near that pigmented if you use the powder as directed. It gives the skin a warm radiant glow, lightly color-corrects the skin tone, and helps set makeup in place. The powder also smells like neroli water, Paul & Joe’s signature fragrance.

Paul & Joe Beaute Winter 2020/21 Swatches & Review

The packaging is so cute!

Speaking of signature fragrance, this is exactly what the new Body and Hair Mist Limited 01 smells like! If you love orange blossoms then you might love this handy little spray as well. It’s small enough to tuck into your purse so you can freshen up on-the-go, but also not so small that you’ll use up the whole thing in a week. Plus, it’s adorned with blue teddy bears, adding a quirky touch to your daily routine.

Paul & Joe Beaute Winter 2020/21 Swatches & Review

Two different hand creams: one to use at home and another to pop into your purse.

Last but not least, we have two winter staples – a duo of moisturizing hand creams that smell like the holidays. Moisturizing Hand Cream Limited 001, scented with a ginger cookie fragrance, comes in a pink tube adorned with a happy little bunny. It has a rich, creamy consistency that works wonders for very dry and rough skin. Meanwhile, Silky Hand Cream Limited 001 is a little lighter, providing everyday comfort and relief with a matte finish. It comes in an opulent floral tube and smells like hot apple cider. Yum!

This collection really felt like a treat. While unnecessary, these cute little additions can really brighten a bad day and make you smile!

Have you tried anything from Paul & Joe Beaute? Check out their official storefront on Amazon!

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