Chic Peek Review: November 2012

New subscription alert! I was lucky enough to find out about Chic Peek‘s grand opening when they were giving out free bracelets. In the giveaway picture they looked like your typical cheap “made in China” friendship bracelets but when I actually received mine I was impressed with the quality. I actually wear it almost every day now, and it looks respectable next to my Pandora charm bracelet.

About Chic Peek:
VIP membership program that grants fashion lovers access to stylists and trendy jewelry at members only prices. For $30/month you can choose a piece of jewelry from that month’s selection. The retail value can be as high as $300! You can easily skip a month or cancel your subscription without having to call or email customer service, which is always good. If you would like to use my referral link please leave your email in the comments below and I’ll send you an invite asap (I could really use those referrals!).

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