Crown Brush Professional HD Brush Set Review #CrownBrush

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I’ve seen lots of Crown Brush reviews around the blogosphere in the past couple of years, but I was always under the impression that most makeup brushes are crazy expensive, so I never thought about buying them That might be the case with some of the high end ones, but currently the set I am about to review is on sale for only $27.95, which I would personally consider a huge steal!

With over 30 years of experience, Crown Brush is recognized by the beauty industry as the global leader in cosmetic brushes. Crown Brush has a manufacturing capacity of 80,000 brushes a day, and delivers to 80 countries worldwide, making them one of the largest and most trusted brands in the industry. Crown Brush clients range from individual artists to senior buyers for global retail chain stores.

Orange HD Brush Set #525 contains a mirror, a zipper case, a pair of tweezers, and 6 different vegan-friendly brushes made with high grade synthetic fiber, and it’s perfect for applying HD cosmetics, liquids, creams and powders.

I was kind of hoping to receive any other color but orange, and because it’s so vivid, it was actually pretty hard to photograph. I had to mute down the pictures a lot, so keep in mind that in real life this kit is much brighter.

As you can see, the kit comes with six brushes and a pair of tweezers. The first brush is called Pro Powder brush, and as you might have already guessed, it’s ideal for applying powdery products – whether it’s pressed powder foundation, or translucent setting powder – this tool is what you’d normally use.

The next biggest brush is the Tapered Brush, which is normally used for applying and blending blushes, bronzers and highlighters. You can also use it for cream and liquid products, like cream highlighters and blush pots.

Third brush in the kit is the Deluxe Contour Brush, which is perfect for contouring, especially the nose area. Since all of these brushes come with silicone bristles, you can just dip it in the darker shade of foundation, and use that instead of a bronzer.

Fourth brush is called the Chisel Shadow Brush, and the name makes its intended use pretty obvious. You can use it for any type of eye shadows – from powder to cream. It would also make a nice concealer brush, if you don’t have one already.

The fifth brush is a Crease Blender, or as some of us call it a fluffy brush. It’s used for blending the eye shadows together, and not necessarily in the eye crease area.

The last brush is the Detail Liner Brush, which is used to draw lines. I normally use a thin angled brush for gel eyeliners, and this type I use for a precise placement of eye shadows.

And finally, the tweezers, which look just like any other tweezers out there. The quality is worse than the brand I normally use, so I will just keep them around in case something happens to mine.

The sizes are perfect, and the handles are nice, sturdy and don’t slip out of my hand. The bristles on some of the brushes were are a little disheveled, and some shed a bit after the first wash. The overall quality of all brushes is acceptable, but not amazing. I can’t call them bad because they are not, but I do not think they’re worth $69.99, which is the original non-sale price tag for this kit.

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$69.99 $27.95 USD. Available at Crown Brush.

So what do you think? Would you get these for $27.95 knowing they’re not exactly perfect, or are you a brush snob [in a good way]? What are some of your favorite brushes?