Nourished 3D Printed Vitamin Gummies

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Nourished 3D Printed Vitamin Gummies Review

Nourished 3D Printed Vitamin Gummies (review)

Okay, I know that supplement reviews always get a side eye, but guys, hear me out! These 3D printed vitamins from UK-based Nourished are probably the coolest thing I’ve tried this summer. The main shtick is that they can be completely customized to your needs [that’s where they had me, and not even at the 3D part.] I’m actually really looking forward to all the different things we can do via 3D printing these days, like, did you know, some companies are trying to find a way to print organs for transplant? And there are already communities living in fully 3D printed houses that cost less than a car! So really, for vitamins – and probably, in the not-so-distant future, food – it was just a matter of time.

Nourished 3D Printed Vitamin Gummies Review

Nourished currently offers three unique ways to experience their nutritious, high quality supplements:

  1. Make your own stack from scratch using the library of supplements available at
  2. Take a quiz on the website and let the smart algorithm suggest the optimal stack.
  3. Nourished also sells already pre-made, perfectly balanced stacks that address specific concerns and lifestyles, such as stacks for gamers, inner peace, immune support, prenatal, frequent flyer stacks and more…

The customization doesn’t end there. You can even choose the flavor of your coating and make it either sweet or sour, how neat is that? Pick from blackcurrant, strawberry, cola, original, orange or pineapple. Psst! The sweet coating is completely sugar-free.

Nourished 3D Printed Vitamin Gummies Review

For my first order, I decided to get two stacks: one that was suggested by the algorithm based on my quiz preferences, and the other one that I made from scratch. I’m going to do a full course with each one of them and see if I know myself better than the smartypants AI at Nourished. I’ve been taking the first one for several weeks now and so far noticed two major improvements: my energy levels have gone up a lot and this is the first month in a while where I don’t experience some painful cycle related symptoms. I didn’t change anything else in my routine so I really believe it’s something in my stack that’s making all the difference. Now I’m kinda second-guessing my decision to create my own stack because this one has been working so well, but we’ll see how my creation fares next month – what if it doesn’t work as well?

Nourished 3D Printed Vitamin Gummies Review

These gummies taste as delicious as they look. Mine are blackcurrant-flavored in sweet coating, but next time I order, I’m thinking of trying sour cola. What about you guys, are you team sweet or team sour?


All ingredients are ethically sourced, vegan certified, sugar-free, free from all major allergens, as well as Halal and Kosher friendly. Plus, the packaging is fully recyclable and home compostable. I really appreciate this commitment to sustainability and applaud the brand’s effort to be more environmentally-friendly. The cherry on top is the brand’s charitable program: a portion of the proceeds from each purchase is donated to Vitamin Angels UK that serves women and children from low-income families who could benefit from increased access to better nutrition.


The major drawback is the price. Nourished is a premium service that provides customized a la carte nutrition, and everything is made in-house, so I kind of expected the price to be way up there. If you buy a one-off box without any discounts, it will cost $69.99 for a 28-day supply, which is a lot, in my opinion. The best value by far is their prepaid subscription plans that give deeper discounts for longer prepaid periods.

COUPON: Get 25% off your first two boxes when you create a monthly subscription with code JULY25.

So what do you think? Are 3D printed vitamins something you’d like to try or is it a bit too futuristic for your tastes?

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