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Sample Now - Buy Later | Mt. Sapola Body Lotions

When was the last time you bought a full-sized product after trying a sample? Even though as a beauty blogger I have no shortage of beauty goodies, sometimes a product is just too awesome. Usually I fall for the makeup samples, sometimes for skincare, but almost never for body care. Which is why my most recent sample now – buy later purchase will surprise you.

That’s right, I couldn’t resist splurging on a trio of Mt. Sapola Body Lotions [$24 for 7.5 oz, available here]. After trying them in Birchbox Man and Allure Sample Society boxes, I purchased the Lemongrass variety which lasted me quite a while. These lotions are on a pricey side, for the amount you get at least, so I tried to use it sparingly. I’ve since learned that it’s a total waste to do so, because what’s the point of buying expensive skincare if you aren’t going to use it in the quantities that will actually make a difference. These days I embrace the fact that some products cost more than others, and that I shouldn’t really “save” things for special occasions. The only product that I do save is perfume, but mostly because it’s too fancy to wear with casual everyday clothes.


Mt. Sapola comes to us from Thailand, which is a very special place for me personally. My husband and I spent two months in that beautiful country, enjoying the weather, the food, and the mountains, and it almost feels like second home. The company started as a soap shop in Bangkok in 1997 and since expanded their line to include luxurious body washes, lotions, scrubs, and room fragrance.

One thing you’ve got to know before you decide to try any of Mt. Sapola lotions: no matter which scent you choose, it’s going to be intense. I happen to love lemongrass, ginger, and woodsy notes, so I knew what I was getting into, but if you’ve never sampled Mt. Sapola products before the strong fragrance might come as a shock.

Sample Now - Buy Later | Mt. Sapola Body Lotions


Mt. Sapola Body Lotions come in tall bottles with round shaker openings, which I personally find difficult to use. It would be much better if they came with pump dispensers instead.

Another critique is about the company itself. I understand that they’re based in Thailand, but they do have a US Facebook page and supposedly a website. However, their FB hasn’t been updated in years, and the website link goes to a dead domain. I wish there was an easier way to purchase their products, but right now I only know of two places with very limited selection: Birchbox and BeautyBar.


I’d like to finish this review on a positive note, because even though there is room for improvement, the product itself is absolutely fabulous! Each milky lotion absorbs into the skin instantly, leaving it incredibly soft and hydrated shower to shower. No more having to reapply in the afternoon, something in these little bottles makes them really effective at combating dryness while staying lightweight. I use Lemongrass and Ginger/Lemongrass in the morning to “wake up”, and Oriental Wood in the evening before I go to bed because the scent is really calming, despite being quite strong.

All in all, I’m glad I splurged on this trio, and I will likely repurchase some or all of these again. Hopefully Birchbox expands their inventory to include more Mt. Sapola offerings so I could try other products.

You can purchase Mt. Sapola Body Lotions at Birchbox.

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What was the last product you purchased after trying a sample? Have you tried Mt. Sapola products before? Let me know in the comments!

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