Birchbox Man June 2014 Review, Pictures

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Birchbox what? Yep, you read that right, I actually decided to try one month of Birchbox Man subscription to see what kinds of samples guys get. I probably won’t stay subscribed, but I wanted to get an idea about the service, and of course, to show you the goodies you can get for the man in your life, if he’s into beauty sampling, too. Here’s what I received in the June box.

Birchbox Man is a subscription service that delivers a box of luxury samples and lifestyle products to your doorstep every month. Subscribers receive 4-6 samples and sometimes full-sized products. Birchbox Man subscription costs $20/month Birchbox Man is one of the cheapest monthly men’s grooming subscriptions out there, the value of each box will always be above what you paid. 
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Baxter of California Facial Scrub – Loved the smell of this scrub, it’s that sweet almondy fragrance that I just can’t get enough of. The scrub itself is nothing to write home about, and despite what some reviewers say, it’s fairly abrasive [the exfoliating granules are the size of grains of sand], so if your bf or hubs has gentle or sensitive skin [like mine does], this might not be the right product for him. I personally thought it was just okay, but I’ll use it up as a body scrub because if that awesome fragrance.

PRORASO Shaving Cream in Refresh – I feel like takes more product to get a nice foam going, but it gave my legs a nice close shave. The fragrance is very light and minty, which made the experience quite enjoyable. It does leave my skin dry after each use, so a moisturizer is a must. And in case you’re wondering why I sampled this one by myself, hubs uses electric razor so he has no use for it.

Mt. Sapola Body Lotion in Lemongrass – Hubs and I are huge fans of everything that reminds us of Thailand, so this lemongrass-scented body lotion was an instant hit! Its lightweight creamy texture feels amazing on the skin, leaving it very soft and delightfully scented.

The Laundress Wash and Stain Bar – I don’t know how many times I’ve been adding and removing this bar from my shopping basket, because I kind of wanted it but wasn’t sure if I needed it, but now I actually get a chance to try it. It’s designed to help clean those stubborn hard to wash spots, like collars and cuffs, and I look forward to using it. I tried a few other Laundress products and was always happy with the results.

Tommy John Ultimate Liner Socks in Sand 3 Tone / Dress Blue – As much as I love mankle style pants, I only appreciate them on well-groomed legs, and most Western men never touch that area. I emphasized the region, because in Asia young adults do a lot of manscaping, and visit waxing salon just as often as women without being looked at like it’s something out of the ordinary. Hubs said these socks feel weird and look like ballet slippers, so he took them off and gave them back to me. They’re the stretchy one-size kind, so I can probably wear them myself.

I have mixed feelings about this box, some samples were a hit, and some were a miss, but overall it felt about the same as the Women’s Birchbox, which is twice cheaper. The absolute winner in my book was Mt. Sapola body lotion, I loved it so much I’m even considering buying it for myself.

Have you ever purchased a Birchbox Man box? What did you think of the June selection?

Product Retail value
Baxter of California Facial Scrub $2.12
PRORASO Shaving Cream $0.66
Mt. Sapola Body Lotion in Lemongrass $1.92
The Laundress Wash and Stain Bar $3.00
Tommy John Ultimate Liner Socks $16.50
Box Retail Value $24.20

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