Memebox (미미박스) Miracle Masks + January Discount Codes

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I was a bit disappointed with the previous mask box, but I bought the next two editions anyway. Considering the rate i go through them, this is the most affordable option for me, even if I’m not 100% happy with the contents. My Miracle Masks Memebox came with a leaked product inside, but sounds like most people had that problem. One of the masks inside was not sealed properly and some of the liquid spilled through the cap. Luckily, it wasn’t too bad and didn’t ruin other products.

Memebox Global is not a typical subscription service. They periodically curate boxes filled with assorted beauty products popular among Koreans, and those Limited Edition bundles are sold on first come first serve basis. Prices vary depending on the type of the box. Memebox ships internationally, so if you are in Canada, Australia, China or anywhere in Europe, you can get your hands on one of these, too.
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Purederm Cucumber Eye Pads – This was the product that leaked all over my box, but luckily all other products were sealed so it didn’t contaminate them. I tried the orange point pads from this brand before and I actually really liked them.

How to use: Place pads over eyes, cheeks, or any other areas that need a moisture boost. Leave on for 10 minutes, remove, and pat in the essence. Suitable for all skin types.

These cucumber pads are great as a spot treatment, especially if you have combination skin. My T-zone gets oily all the time, so it never needs extra moisture, but my cheeks can get uncomfortably dry and tight. That’s when I use these pads, and they work wonders! Purederm never disappointed me yet, even though it’s a very cheap lower end drugstore Korean brand.

LadyKin Vanpir Dark Repairing Water Mask – Memebox promises that this mask can do everything, from firming the skin, to whitening, moisturizing, balancing, and dealing with fine lines and wrinkles. I have several sleeping packs open right now and I’m not sure I want to open another one just to look at it.

How to use: Apply at night as a last step of your skincare routine and wash off in the morning. Suitable for all skin types.

Based on COSDNA analysis this should be a great mask, because it only contains a couple minor irritants, like butylene glycol and carbomer, and a whole bunch of extracts that I love – camellia, papaya, rose, and others. I’m sure I’m going to like this when I finally get to it!

ddung Vitamin Wash-Off Pack – Ddung is a very popular Korean baby doll that everybody knows about. She inspired an entire clothing line and they even sell beauty products with her name. So far I got to try one of their cleansers, but I know Memebox sent more products from ddung line in other boxes.

How to use: Apply to cleansed skin, avoiding eye and lip area and leave on for 5 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer. Suitable for all skin types.

I’m actually running low on non-sheet moisturizing masks, so I will use this one for sure. Vitamins, especially Vitamin C have always been good to my skin, making it brighter and smoother.

Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack – This product is a repeat from Memebox Global 15, and I already used up my first tube. It’s a great hair mask, and works just as well as my favorite Pure Smile Snail hair treatment. It also makes my hair smell so good!

How to use: Apply to wet hair after shampooing, wait 2 minutes, and rinse off. Suitable for all hair types.

So far I’ve had nothing but great experience with all of Mise en Ecene products I received in Memeboxes, so I’ll never be disappointed to get repeats. By the way, this line of products won Korean Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards in 2014!

To Be Nang Hydro Gel Mask Trio – Memebox was super stingy with hydrogel masks in this box, and they even listed these as three separate products on the info card. Ehh… I don’t get it. In the past, they listed four masks as one product, so I’m guessing they made that choice because otherwise the info card would look a bit empty.

How to use: Spread the sheet mask evenly over the skin, remove after 20 minutes, and pat in the remaining essence.

All three masks are quite nice actually, and make my skin feel pampered. One of them even contains 24K gold that helps retain water in the skin, which is perfect for those dry Winter conditions. Even my combination skin needs that extra moisture boost this time of the year.

I have mixed feelings about this box. I was happy to get more of that hair mask that I like, but I didn’t appreciate that we only received three sheet masks – they are the reason why I buy these boxes in the first place. I also purchased the next mask box edition, and already saw spoilers for it; looks like it’s going to be a nice one!

What’s your favorite facial mask?

Product Retail value
Purederm Cucumber Eye Pads $12.00
LadyKin Vanpir Dark Repairing Water Mask $34.81
ddung Vitamin Wash-Off Pack $5.03
Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack $11.91
To Be Nang Hydro Gel Mask Trio $14.00
Box Retail Value $77.75

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