Love Goodly February/March Box Review

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Love Goodly February/March Box Review

It’s been a while since I introduced you guys to a new subscription box. Truth is, I am slightly bored of them and when I’m not excited about something, I almost feel like it’s a waste of my time to blog about it. Besides, you can always tell if I am forcing myself to say something nice. Today I wanted to talk about Love Goodly February-March Box, curated with the highest quality 100% toxin-free, cruelty-free products and niche sustainable brands. Have you heard of this one? I certainly didn’t!

Lately I’ve been reading more about green non-toxic beauty. I am a skeptic, so of course I have my reservations, but I feel like I should at least give it a try. At this time I do not have enough products in my stash to supplement all of my needs, but as soon as I get a few more basics, I will do a month-long experiment and document my findings on this blog. Should be fun, don’t you think? 🙂 Back in the day, subscription boxes helped me build my makeup and skincare collection, so boxes that are focused on natural beauty products and eco-friendly lifestyle are just what I need right now.


For $29.95 Love Goodly box subscribers will receive a curated selection of eco-friendly, vegan, & natural products delivered every other month. Single boxes also available for $35. Click here to subscribe.

Love Goodly February/March Box Review Love Goodly February/March Box Review Love Goodly February/March Box Review


1 // Marquet Fair Trade Ton Fai Open Weave Scarf [$21.99 value] – This unique hand-crafted scarf was made by skilled artisans in Northern Thailand, using 100% locally-grown cotton fibers. When Mr. Glamorable and I stayed in Chiang Mai, we hiked to visit one of the villages where local craftsmen make scarves like this one for a living. The fabric is made on wooden looms using traditional methods and the process looks pretty complicated! I don’t know about you, but when I see how things are made, it makes me appreciate them more. The scarf feels very delicate and warm, despite its airy appearance. I will be sure to wear it in the spring time.

2 // YUNI Organic Active Calm Moisturizer [$29 value] – YUNI products are my staples for yoga practice; I especially adore their shower sheets and no-rinse cleansing foam. This moisturizer is new to me, even though I already have the Active Calm Serum that goes with it. In fact, I am about to finish that one, so if I’ve been using a serum without the moisturizer before, now it’s going to be the other way around, haha! Jokes aside, this is a great hydrating cream and it smells exactly like the serum. It makes my skin feel softer and nourished without clogging the pores. I don’t think this will be strong enough to moisturize dry skin, but for other skin types this is probably a good pick if you are looking to add a lightweight cream with more natural ingredients to your daily routine.

3 // Orglamix Cream Luminizer in Illume [$18 value] – Orglamix is a new to me brand, but after googling some reviews it turns out they are pretty popular in the green living community. The product card says this cream highlighter adds transparent dewy finish to the skin, and that’s exactly what it does. The shade I got – Illume – is a pinkish cool shimmer, sort of a rose quartz tone if you know what I mean. Under certain light it reads more silver/white, but in the shade it retains the pink hue. In the swatches below you can see how the edges are still pink, while the middle part that reflects the light is more silvery. Anyhow, this natural highlighter sheers out beautifully, and the formula goes on smooth; it does in fact give my skin that coveted healthy glow. It’s not the kind of highlighter that will make you strobe for days, the effect is more along the lines of “I just came from a run in the park”. Very pretty color!

4 // Orglamix Sunshine Oil [$18 value] – Another product from Orglamix, which at first I wasn’t too excited about, but my expectations did a sharp 180 after I tried the highlighter. Is this a roll-on fragrance? A cuticle oil? A serum? For all I know, it could be all three, but the product card  suggests using it as skincare. This 100% natural serum is highly concentrated, so Love Goodly recommends using it sparingly. The formula includes citrus peel extract from grapefruits, sweet oranges, mandarins, lemons, and limes, suspended in a blend of Grapeseed and Avocado carrier oils. Citrus peel is loaded with Vitamin C, which is an amazing antioxidant and a brightening agent, that helps reduce hyperpigmentation and post-acne scarring. It does cause sun sensitivity though, so it’s always recommended that you apply SPF 30 or higher, if you don’t want to risk getting a painful sunburn. Trust me, those citrus burns aren’t pretty 🙁 I can’t tell yet if I like this serum or not, a product that actively improves the skin tone is something that I test for months before I know it actually works, but it does smell really nice.

Love Goodly February/March Box Review Love Goodly February/March Box Review Love Goodly February/March Box Review

Every Love Goodly box benefits a charitable cause, and the Feb/Mar box gives back to Beagle Freedom Project, an organization committed to bringing awareness to the cruelties of animal testing.


I think the products in this box were spot on. You guys know that I am already a big fan of YUNI Beauty [I blogged about the brand multiple times], so getting a full-sized moisturizer was a real treat. Love Goodly February/March Box ships on February 6th, so you still have time to order a subscription or a one-off box if you fancy the products inside. With the total retail value of $86, this is a pretty good deal! Know someone who would enjoy this?

Would you switch your entire beauty routine to non-toxic and natural products if you had the chance? What do you think about Love Goodly February/March Box? Have you tried any of the products above? Let me know in the comments!

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