Love Goodly August/September 2017 Box Review

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Love Goodly August/September 2017 Box Review

Love Goodly August/September 2017 Box Review

Yep, it’s time to unbox Love Goodly August/September 2017 Box, which is currently one of my favorite monthly subscription boxes. Over the past few months Love Goodly helped me discover some of the best vegan, non-toxic, and organic products that I am still using to this day. Spoiler alert: this month I totally fell in love with the big ticket item! Curious? Read on!


For $29.95 Love Goodly box subscribers will receive a curated selection of eco-friendly, vegan, & natural products delivered every other month. Single boxes also available for $35. Click here to subscribe.

Love Goodly August/September 2017 Box Review

L to R: Z Natural Life Deodorant, KINDri Los Angeles Organic Beauty Oil, Johnny Concert Glamour Eyeshadow in Coffee or Die.

Love Goodly August/September 2017 Box Review

Red & Howling Custom Frenchie Print

Love Goodly August/September 2017 Box Review

Johnny Concert Glamour Eyeshadow in Coffee or Die


1 // KINDri Los Angeles Organic Beauty Oil ($45 for 1 fl oz, 30 ml) – Remember I talked about prickly pear seed oil and how it’s one of the hottest beauty ingredients in Korea right now? Well, it’s the top ingredient in this beauty oil, in addition to argan, pumpkin, carrot, grape seed, sweet almond, sunflower oils and pink grapefruit essential oil [which kind of smells like blood orange to me]. The bottle says that it can help strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and naturally increase cellular turnover, plus it adds a beautiful glow to the skin when worn alone or under the moisturizer. I’ve been adding a few drops to my night cream, and it just makes the whole routine feel so much more luxurious. Seriously, guys, I really-really love this oil right now.

2 // Johnny Concert Glamour Eyeshadow in Coffee or Die ($15 for 0.05 oz, 1.5 g) – There are 10 eyeshadow variations in the Aug/Sept box, and as a subscriber you can pick a mystery color that is either NEUTRAL or BOLD by emailing your selection to Love Goodly before your box ships. They usually announce the selection window on social media and by email, so make sure to pay attention to those. The team is very responsive on social media, so you can tweet or DM them to get a quick reply as well. Anyhow, I opted in for the neutral shade and received Coffee or Die, which is actually a pretty descriptive name for it. It’s a neutral medium brown base with fine warm bronze shimmer [no chunky glitter here!]. The formula offers good color payoff, very little flaking, and stays put on my oily lids without creasing. I’m very happy with it! According to the packaging, these eyeshadows are natural, vegan, and cruelty-free, and proudly made in the USA.

3 // Z Natural Life Deodorant ($9 for 2 fl oz) – If you don’t remember my recent rants about aluminum-free deodorants, basically, I was complaining that they suddenly stopped working for me. I went years without a drop of aluminum on my pitsies, and then my body decided to troll me by consistently producing crazy amounts of sweat [it’s hormonal]. I know that natural deodorants are supposed to let your body sweat and block the BO, but there’s only so much they can do when you are a wet mess – the BO will shine through eventually. With that said, I am not giving up and will continue searching for an aluminum-free deodorant that will control my sweating to some extent, and maybe this one will be the one. I started using it a few days ago, but I am still not through the detox phase so I don’t know how it actually works yet. Detox phase lasts anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks when the body unclogs the sweat glands in your pits from the aluminum and flushes it out of the system. If it works for me, I’ll probably write a dedicated blog post about it.

4 // Garden of Life Organic Plant Based Protein Bar Sea Salted Caramel ($2.95 for 1 pc) – It’s nice to have a snack bar as a meal replacement for those times when you’re feeling hungry with no meal in sight. Each bar contains a whopping 20 grams of plant-based protein and 10 grams of soluble fiber, all densely packed for a quick and satisfying snack. This little guy is going straight in my purse.

5 // Red & Howling Custom Frenchie Print ($9 for 1 pc) – This print was custom designed for Love Goodly, and it’s perfect for any animal lover. It’s printed on high quality paper and features three adorable pugs. I am not a dog person, but these pups are just too cute!

6 // Gustus Vitae – This is more of a special offer than a product, but Love Goodly partnered with Gustus Vitae and provided a code for one free spice of your choice, excluding the Italian Black Winter Sea Salt, collections, and gift packs. If you want to get one of those, the code will act as a $10 credit, which is nice too.

Love Goodly August/September 2017 Box Review

Top to Bottom: Johnny Concert Glamour Eyeshadow in Coffee or Die, Z Natural Life Deodorant, KINDri Los Angeles Organic Beauty Oil.


I give away a lot of stuff to my friends and family, because keeping all of the products I test for you guys is just unrealistic. However, Love Goodly always manages to find things I want to keep. At first glance everything in the box is like “okay, cool, what’s next”, but then you use everything a few times and you don’t want to part with any of it until the last drop. Btw, I am writing this with the bracelet/hair tie from the previous box in my hair right now. I liked it back when I first got it, but it has grown on me even more since – now I wear it pretty much daily.

So, what things from Love Goodly August/September 2017 box do I see myself using a lot? First of all, the serum-oil, it’s just so delightful to apply and I love the smell, too. I am also getting some of that truffle salt from Gustus Vitae, and of course I have my fingers crossed that Z Natural Life deodorant can help with my excessive sweating. Johnny Concert Glamour eyeshadow is already in my makeup bag, it’s so perfect for everyday wear! The only thing I will probably pass along is the pug print, but I know someone who is obsessed with pugs, so it will make her very happy.

Every Love Goodly box benefits a charitable cause, and the August/September box gives back to Farm Sanctuary, a leading farm animal protection organization.

Have you tried any of these products or brands before? What is your favorite vegan beauty brand? Let me know in the comments below!

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