Love Goodly April/May 2018 Box Review

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Love Goodly April/May 2018 Box Review

Love Goodly February/March 2018 Box Review

I’ve been receiving Love Goodly boxes for over a year now, and after looking through my past reviews I noticed something interesting. I think this is the only subscription that introduces me to at least one new favorite product in every box. The latest Love Goodly April/May 2018 box is no exception! 


For $29.95 Love Goodly box subscribers will receive a curated selection of eco-friendly, vegan, & natural products delivered every other month. Alternatively, for $47.95 you can receive a VIP box, which includes the bi-monthly products plus one more full size skincare/beauty product with a value over $35. Total VIP box value is always over $115. Click here to subscribe.

Love Goodly April/May 2018 Box Review


1 // You & Oil Acai, Fig and Marula Antioxidants Complex ($44) – I’ve been using oils a lot this year, so I’m always excited when I get a new one to try. You & Oil is a PETA-certified Lithuanian beauty brand, and this is the first time their Acai, Fig and Marula oil is offered in the US, so it’s a very exciting launch and a big milestone. So far I think it’s quite lovely! I massage a few drops into my skin in the morning when my face is still damp from the toner, and it does a great job sealing in the moisture. This product is non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

2 // Uniful Organic Mascara ($22) – Natural mascaras can be a hit and a miss, because some of the components that make most conventional mascaras so long-lasting are the same ones clean beauty brands are trying to avoid. After using it a few times, I think this one falls somewhere in the middle. It made my lashes look thicker and more defined, and I liked the intense black color. However, it doesn’t hold curl very well, and also smudges on my bottom lash line after a few hours. To be fair, I do have oily eyelids, so that’s also a factor. Uniful Organic Mascara was packaged exclusively for Love Goodly, and the formula is organic, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

3 // Delia Organics Nail & Cuticle Oil ($17.99) – I haven’t had any cuticle snags in ages, because I always try to keep my hands and nails well moisturized. Oils like this one really do help, especially if your hands are prone to dryness or you happen to wash them a lot. Tap water and soap can dehydrate the skin really quickly, which takes a toll on the appearance of your nails and cuticles. The easiest way to deal with that is to apply lotion every time after you wash your hands as well as throughout the day as needed, and a nice helping of cuticle oil at night. This cuticle treatment is made with Coconut, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, and Rosehip oils and a blend of botanical essential oils. The formula is vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic.

4 // Ayr Skin Care Mini Calm Facial Bar ($12) – I didn’t always like using bar soap on my face, but after discovering Sum:37 rose stick I changed my mind. Formulating a gentle soap for the face that won’t disturb the skin’s protective mantle is difficult but it can be done. Ayr packed this bar with a lot of nice botanical butters and extracts, like organic avocado butter and castor oil, ginger, lemongrass, nettle, chamomile, and activated charcoal. Mixed with my tap water the foam registers at pH10, which is too alkaline for my preference, but I will continue using it as a hand soap. The formula is vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic.

Love Goodly April/May 2018 Box Review


The total retail value of the products in Love Goodly April/May 2018 box was $95, which is about average for this subscription. Regardless of the RV, these boxes always seem like a good deal, especially if you are interested in eco-friendly, clean and non-toxic lifestyle. My favorite product this month was – you guessed it! – the Acai, Fig and Marula oil from You & Oil. It’s working well for my skin, so I will continue alternating it with other oils as part of my morning routine. In case you’re wondering, I do use an oil in the evening too, but it’s always a 100% pure marula oil that I mix with my exfoliating serum. It’s been working wonders for me that way and I don’t feel like experimenting.

By choosing Love Goodly every subscriber helps support a charitable cause. The April/May box gives back to PETA, the largest animal rights organization in the world.

Have you tried any of these products or brands before? What is your favorite vegan beauty brand? Let me know in the comments below!

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