Lifetherapy Hand & Body Wash Collection Review: Choose Your Mood!

One day five great smelling products appeared on my bathroom shelf – a complete collection of signature hand & body washes from Lifetherapy with very intriguing titles: Play, Flirt, Escape, Vacation and Chill. According to the labels, they were designed to get you in a certain mood with the help of ancient aromatherapy techniques, and leave your skin soft, clean and nourished. I suppose, a lot of similar products promise the same results, but I can say with certainty that Lifetherapy products actually live up to their claims. These delightful washes come with a nice perk: a special LT Complex which contains such well-known moisturizing ingredients as shea butter, coconut oil and vitamins E and D. I personally thought that all five of them smell fairly strong, and the trace of that scent remains on the skin for at least two hours after the shower. Some of them even reminded me of certain famous brand name fragrances: Play reminded me of Estee Lauder’s Pure White Linen, and Vacation smells almost like Hermes’ Vanille Galante, which just happens to be one of my favorite perfumes of all time.

Here are the descriptions from Lifetherapy website:

  • Vacation: The sexy warmth of Vacation fragrance brings to mind a night on the beach. The sun is setting as the exotic fragrance of white orchid, sandalwood and polynesian coconut flakes are blowing in the breeze.
  • Chill: Chill fragrance is subtle and peaceful. It captures you with a hint of calming rose, and then takes you away with heliotrope and muget, before you know it you have taken a deep breath and relaxed with the luxuries of amber, cedarwood and a sweep of vanilla.
  • Play: The feminine and youthful fragrance of Play evokes a perfect day spent outdoors. With notes of marsh grass, the sweetness of fresh jasmine and a burst of red orange to awaken your senses…the combination is at once feminine and endearing to anyone lucky to get close enough to you.
  • Flirt: Flirt fragrance is innocent and playful and reminds you that you were born to flirt. This sweet and sexy fragrance opens up with notes of water flowers and bergamot and subtly brings forth the mild notes of muget and rose while luring you in with the innoscence of guaiac wood, musc and a surprise of vanilla coconut. This innocent and playful fragrance will have them at “hello”
  • Escape: Escape fragrance is introduced with a sparkling top note of pineapple leaf, then slowly reveals itself with the inviting aroma of gardenia. Anchored by the warmth of palm bark, this clean, crisp scent will allow you to envision wherever you want to be. Wear it anytime you want to feel captivating, or just simply… to escape.

It’s true that these washes moisturize the skin, but I noticed it still was not good enough to skip applying your usual body lotion; and to be fair, I don’t think there is a single shower product out there on the market that can do that right now. I thought that the best thing about them is that each shower you take turns into the SPA aromatherapy session and helps completely escape from everyday problems for 20 minutes, or maybe even improve your mood if you are having a bad day! The only drawback is the price; a single bottle goes for $24 which is comparable to two or three decent drugstore body washes. So whether it’s worth the splurge or not is just a matter of personal choice; but I know I will definitely be enjoying taking a shower a lot more than I did before. I’m actually not a shower person, I would usually just take it for 5 minutes to clean myself quickly and get out. But I found myself enjoying these wonderful fragrances too much and spent a whole 20 minutes there (my new personal record!). So now I think Lifetherapy has me convinced that shower time can be fun and relaxing too. And the world can wait!

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