GoodMouth Unboxing and Review: December 2013

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I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but I always forget to replace my toothbrushes every two months, but guess what? There’s now a subscription service for that, too! GoodMouth not only replaces your brushes when it’s needed, they also donate two brushes or the equivalent in dental care to someone in need for each new subscription purchased.

For $6 bi-monthly fee that includes FREE S&H, GoodMouth delivers BPA-Free, high-quality toothbrushes for you and your family right when it needs to be replaced. By subscribing, you will also support a charity providing free brushes and dental care to people in need. As a bonus, each subscriber will also receive a year’s supply of floss [approx. 100m].
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GoodMouth founders – former investment professional and documentary filmmaker Craig Lifschutz and dentist and entrepreneur Dr. Seth Keiles – firmly believe that regular replacement of your toothbrush could be the best return on investment you will ever make. We know that old toothbrushes are less effective, but did you know they can also make you sick? Recent studies confirmed a correlation between gum disease and heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses; all caused by none other than oral bacteria entering the bloodstream through bleeding gums.

Another important factor is using the right toothbrush, and GoodMouth conveniently offers 10 different types of brushes, so everyone can find their favorite. All of the brushes feature a BPA-free base and premium-quality end-rounded, polished Tynex┬« bristles for supreme cleaning that is also gentle on gums.

Hardiness level is also important, and even though I’ve always used a Medium brush, it looks like more and more dentist recommend using brushes with Soft bristles instead. Harder bristles might get the bacteria off of the teeth faster, but they also scratch the gums and thin out the enamel, which increases the potential risk of cavities. According to dentists, there are very few people that need to use hard bristles, most people should use the soft brushes instead.

For this review I received The Jaguar brush in green color, which has the largest head suitable for most adults. The design features ergonomic shape for comfortable holding, and a silicone pad for the finger for extra support. Switching to soft bristles felt a little weird at first because I felt like the brush is not being very effective, but I watched a few online videos and looks like I was supposed to brush a little longer per side. To be honest, I’m actually getting used to this brush now, and I especially like the shape of the head. The size is perfect – not too big, not too small – and it can reach my back row teeth and clean around them even when I keep my jaws shut.

I also received a very generous roll of Waxy Goodness dental floss. I normally use minty ones, but I’m not too particular. I like that the package is clear on the side, so I will know exactly how much is left inside. And last, but not least, everybody will get a nice reusable mesh bag with GoodMouth label on the side. It looks and feels well-made, and would be good for storing the toothbrush, floss and a tube of toothpaste while traveling.

At $3 a month, I think this subscription is a great service for forgetful people, like myself. I normally spend around $4 on my brushes, and use them for 3-4 months until I finally remember that they need to be replaced. Right now for me the cost comes down to just over a dollar per month, but I really should be more proactive about tossing them every other month. What I’m trying to say is, even though $3/month is slightly more than what I’d end up paying [that is if I could actually remember to do it], I liked The Jaguar brush more than my normal brushes, and I doubt I can buy it at regular stores. The size was perfect for my gums, and I loved how easy it was to reach even the farthest row of teeth.

How often do you replace your brushes?