Empties #26

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Korean Skincare Empties & Mini Reviews - Glamorable

If you read my previous empties post, you probably remember that I decided to split it into two parts: Part I featuring Western products, and Part II for Korean beauty. As promised, today I’ll be sharing the remaining mini-reviews for the products that I finished within the past couple of months. I usually link each product to a retailer where you can check it out, but in this case some items might be unavailable because I either don’t know where to buy them, or they have been discontinued. The turnaround for beauty in Korea is crazy! If you really fall in love with something, and it’s not made by a super famous brand, make sure to stock up because it might get discontinued after a couple seasons.

Without further ado, here are my June/July kbeauty empties!

Korean Skincare Empties & Mini Reviews - Glamorable


1 // Bonvivant Botanical Mellow Clay Mask* ($22 for 2.46 oz, 70g) – Bonvivant is one of Memebox house brands, and I happen to really like their skincare, especially the masks. This one is the runniest among the 3 clay masks they offer, and it was also my favorite of the bunch. The mask has a runny consistency, so it applies in a thin layer and works in just under 5 minutes to remove excess oil from the T-zone. Very basic formula, and very pleasant to use.

Repurchase? No, I have too many other clay masks to finish. But I do recommend it, if you’re looking for one!

2 // C20 Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum ($14.99 for 30ml) – This company just keeps on rebranding, I’m pretty sure they did again a couple months ago. However, the product is as stellar as ever. This is a very serious exfoliating and brightening serum that uses 20% L-Ascorbic Acid, the most potent and also most unstable form of Vitamin C. The serum must be kept in the fridge at all times when not in use, and discarded as soon as it starts turning orange. This was my 20th bottle or something, easily my most repurchased beauty product ever. It fades acne scars in 7 days!

Repurchase? Yes. It’s a steal for the money.

3 // The Lotus Essence with Lotus Leaf* ($64 for 125ml) – Technically not an “empty”, but I’ve had this bottle for so long that it outlived the expiration date by a year. This is a very nice, lightweight essence that contains 89% lotus leaf extract, which is a potent antioxidant and also helps speed up skin repair. Perfect for layering with other products, because it sinks in immediately.

Repurchase? No, but it was one of the most impressive Korean essences I’ve tried.

4 // Ramosu Professional Skincare Galactomyces 100 ($25 for 5 x 10ml) – Do you know the famous SK-II essence? This is similar, but on steroids, because it’s made of a single ingredient – galactomyces ferment filtrate in 100% concentration. I bought a whole bunch of these when Memebox US closed shop, and I wish I got more. Every morning I spread a few drops on clean, dry skin and it just immediately starts looking radiant. Trust me it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever used!

Repurchase? Yes.

5 // Milky Dress Aqua Sleeping Pack ($23 for 50ml) – This sleeping pack is as basic as they get. It’s a gel formula that feels like any generic aloe vera after sun lotion, and it’s supposed to seal in your serums and creams so they absorb better overnight. It will probably work best for young skin, someone in their teens or early 20s.

Repurchase? No, I’m too old for this to make any difference.

6 // Skin INC Pure Revival Peel* ($55 for 2 oz) – This is a fun peel! The formula binds cellulose to dead skin cells, so they flake off without damaging or irritating the living skin underneath. It’s such a clever way to exfoliate, I’m surprised these aren’t more common nowadays. Also, I know I said this is a kbeauty roundup, but this particular peel was made in Japan.

Repurchase? Maybe if its on sale.

7 // nooni Advanced + Repair Therapy Super Revitalizing Cream* ($52 for 1.6 oz, 50ml) – nooni is another one of Memebox house brands. I don’t know if you remember, but this moisturizer made my top list last winter, and rightfully so. I made sure to scoop up every last bit of it! It’s a very lovely, comforting cream-gel for dehydrated combination skin that restores, repairs, and protects from environmental damage, without feeling too heavy or too light.

Repurchase? I just might.

Korean Skincare Empties & Mini Reviews - Glamorable


8 // Hello Everybody Vita Berry Shampoo (discontinued?) – This shampoo used to be a huge best-seller at Wishtrend back in the day. I bought it along with the conditioner a long time ago, and kinda forgot about it for a while. I recently finished both [no idea where my conditioner bottle went], and I must say, Korean haircare is worth taking a look at, because it’s every bit as wonderful as skincare. It is, however, slightly pricier than most of us are used to paying for shampoo, but the effect is akin to salon treatments. Korean women love their hair as much as they love their skin!

Repurchase? I would, but I think it’s been discontinued.

I know I haven’t been covering Korean beauty much on this blog lately, but that is going to change. I still have a lot of products that I bought a while back and wanted to share with you guys, and I feel like I finally got my blogging groove back. Now, let’s knock on wood and hope that doesn’t suddenly disappear, haha 🙂

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any kbeauty favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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