How to Tackle Multiple Anti-Aging Concerns at Once

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Bioelements Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum

Let’s talk anti-aging.

As adults, we experience at least 3-4 signs of skin aging that we would like to address with the help of state of the art anti-aging cosmetic treatments. Until recently such products were only available to professionals, but nowadays everyone can experience highly effective formulations that can improve the appearance of several – if not all – signs of skin aging at once.

Bioelements is one of the industry leaders who is fully committed to providing performance-based skin care solutions that can be customized to target every skin type and concern. With unique treatment techniques and breakthrough formulations, Bioelements products are the top choice for estheticians worldwide, and today I wanted to share my thoughts on one of them.

I discovered Bioelements Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum in April [you may remember me talking about it on Instagram], and I’ve been using it 3-4 times a week for about 2 months now. I was hoping to address the loss of firmness, fine lines on my forehead, post-acne hyperpigmentation, and sun damage, while maintaining hydrated and smooth skin. I was a little skeptical at first, but from week 3 I started noticing real improvements, and my skin gradually began looking better and better. I am very happy with my skin’s condition right now, and I no longer stress about having to wear foundation every day.

Bioelements Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum Bioelements Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum

There’s a common belief – especially among my younger friends – that you only need to start using anti-aging products when your skin already shows signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. I respectfully disagree. I believe that preventing signs of aging is more important, and actually easier to do, than repairing the existing damage.

Bioelements Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum was designed for all skin types and ages. It can work as preventative care for younger skin, and improve the appearance of aging skin, thanks to a beautifully designed complex of active ingredients, that includes retinol, peptides, vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, fermented pumpkin enzymes, and other wonderful extracts, butters, and emollients.

You know what I was thinking? With such high density of active ingredients, Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum might even reduce the need to use additional products, like antioxidant serums, or gentle chemical exfoliants. So if you’re looking to scale down and minimize your beauty routine to as few products as possible, this serum can be your nighttime moisturizer, that will also gently exfoliate the skin, nourish, and protect it with a dose of powerful antioxidants. This can actually save a lot of money and counter space, if you think about it.

Something to keep in mind about retinoids: skincare products with this active ingredient can sometimes irritate the skin. Frankly, it’s expected that most people who use retinol will experience some form of irritation, which should go away eventually as the skin adapts. However, Bioelements found a way to minimize irritation by micro-encapsulating retinol, so it’s released into the skin gradually, which makes it a lot less likely to become sensitized.

With deeply penetrating, concentrated ingredients it’s important to keep the overall formulation as clean as possible. Yes, I am talking about things like artificial dyes and synthetic fragrance, which by the way is considered by the FDA as a “trade secret” and goes majorly unregulated. Bioelements never uses either in their products, and the yellow hue in Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum is actually from those pumpkins, lentils, and other botanicals included in the formula.

Bioelements Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum

It’s no secret that I was always a strong advocate of prioritizing good skincare practices over makeup. At the end of the day, makeup comes off, but beautiful skin stays with you. Having healthy, glowing skin makes me feel more confident and ready to tackle any task that comes my way. That is why I enjoy sharing products that truly deliver on their promise, and if my experience is any indication, then Bioelements Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum is worth trying.

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Have you tried Bioelements skincare? What are some of your biggest anti-aging skin concerns? Let me know in the comments below!

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