Empties #24

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So, I know I haven’t shared my empties in a while, but honestly, it’s because I couldn’t manage to finish anything in the past few months. Instead of using up things, I kept on jumping from product to product in an attempt to weed out products that no longer work for me among the ones I have already opened. ¬†And then came April, which was my official Clean Beauty Month, so I started using an entirely new set of skincare and makeup. Things just weren’t looking good for those empties posts. ūüôā I finally have a few to share. Even though this post will be shorter than usual, at least it’s something, right?


1 // YUNI Active Calm Face Serum* does exactly what it says Рit calms the skin really well and reduces redness and irritation. I loved using it after workout, during particularly yucky episodes of hormonal breakouts and post-peel sensitivities. It does not offer much in terms of anti-aging, but the plant-based formula contains antioxidants and soothing botanicals that basically just give your face one big hug.

Repurchase? Maybe.

2 // LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence – And another bottle of this cult favorite bites the dust! I talk about this serum all the time, and rightfully so. This watery essence contains 90% tea tree water that reduces irritation and provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. It is unscented, alcohol-free, and free of all harsh stuff in general; it’s not the kind of tea tree that you’re used to, with that sharp scent and tingling sensation once it touches the skin. LJH products were developed by plastic surgeons to be used as part of the post-op skincare routine, so they are extremely gentle. I always use this essence¬†when I have breakouts, because it doesn’t irritate my already angry skin any further, while helping it heal itself faster. Really great stuff! And yes, I still have 2 backups in my stash, as it is one of the very few HG products that I am loyal to.

Repurchase? Yes.

3 // NOW Solutions Nutri Shave Natural Shave Cream* is one of my favorite personal care products from NOW Foods. It actually feels like a lotion, and doesn’t foam at all, but it gives me the closest shave and the smoothest skin, plus it has a pleasant orange scent [natural source]. If you feel like your shaving foam is not doing the job, check out this babe and come back to thank me later. I found the cheapest price at Lucky Vitamin where it’s currently on sale for only 5 bucks with change. It still might sound like a lot for something your plain old soap could do, but a little goes a long way, and the tube is huge. And honestly, this is the only product I trust when grooming the bikini line.

Repurchase? Yes.

Skincare, makeup, supplement beauty empties


4 // Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara – I bought this mascara as an alternative to my non-green ones to use during the Clean Beauty Month in April. Loved the wand, but the formula didn’t agree with my lashes. Every time I wore it, I experienced major fallout, which later melted and mixed with sebum, turning into panda eyes. Plus, I just couldn’t stand the earthy smell. I get it, this is a natural formula, but it was perhaps too natural for me.

Repurchase? No.

5 // 100% Pure Maracuja Mascara fared a little better. It’s still not perfect, but at least it didn’t melt off my face [you can see it in action in this blog post]. The formula actually holds the curl pretty well throughout the day, and it smells nice, too. It goes on a little clumpy at first, so I had to run the brush across my lashes a few times to even things out, but otherwise it’s a really nice clean pick. Clean mascaras that work best for me usually come from brands that make mineral cosmetics. Unfortunately, I still can’t manage to find a plant-based formula that I adore yet. Any suggestions?

Repurchase? No, mainly because it’s not totally perfect for my needs. It’s pretty decent for what it is though, which is essentially, a mix of waxes and pureed botanicals in a tube.

Skincare, makeup, supplement beauty empties


I did manage to finish not one but four bottles of supplements this month!

6 // HUM Nutrition Daily Cleanse is one of my faves to add some greens to the gut to help flush things out when my diet is lacking fresh vegetables [hey, I am not perfect, and that’s totally okay].

Repurchase? Yes.

7 // HUM Nutrition Flatter Me is basically a tiny capsule with digestive enzymes. I take one before big meals, or if I expect to eat something particularly unhealthy like frozen pizza, loaded pasta dish, or a gigantic steakhouse burger. These capsules help digest the food faster and better.

Repurchase? Maybe. I’m trying an enzyme supplement from NOW Foods right now, so we’ll see if it works as well. It’s much cheaper, too.

8 // HUM Nutrition Gut Instinct is a probiotic supplement. I am on a dairy-free diet right now so for me using probiotic supplements is the best way of populating my gut with good bacteria, necessary for healthy immune system.

Repurchase? No. I am not loyal to this particular one, and will gladly try probiotics from other brands.

9 // OLLY Flawless Complexion gummies replaced my daily multivitamin for a month. Not sure how effective they were since I only used them for a short time, but they sure are delicious!

Repurchase? I’d try them again, sure!

And that’s it for my monthly empties! Not a lot, I know, but it’s better than nothing at all. In fact, considering that I mostly used brand new products this past month, I’m surprised I managed to finish anything at all.


What beauty or lifestyle products have you emptied lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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