Emma V.S.N.P. #EmmaWorkingOut

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Emma V.S.N.P. #EmmaWorkingOut swatch & review

Emma V.S.N.P. #EmmaWorkingOut

One thing that bums me out about nail art using traditional nail polish is how quickly it wears out. Whether you spend a long time creating the masterpiece yourself or paying someone else to do it, it’s still unfortunate when the edges start peeling off on day three. At the same time, I decided to never do acrylics or shellac again because of the constant costly upkeep and how awful my natural nails felt underneath. I guess it’s just one of those things you have to accept since you can’t change them, right?

This week I felt a little lazy and didn’t do another nail art design as I had originally planned. Instead, I grabbed one of the off-white polishes from my collection – they always make my nails look clean and tidy.

I chose Emma Beauty #EmmaWorkingOut ($6). Yep, that’s the actual name! This brand is fairly inexpensive and they release new collections all the time so you always have fresh seasonal colors to choose from.

#EmmaWorkingOut is an off-white lavender with a pearly sheen. I actually forgot how much I hated the formula of this particular polish: it’s watery, a bit sheer, and creates those annoying lines on the nail that you later have to even out. I’m sporting 3 coats here plus base and top coat but could have probably done a fourth to completely remove the streaks. The good thing is, because it’s so watery and thin, the layers actually dry pretty well, almost as if this was intended to be applied in 3+ coats to begin with. Still, this is one of the worst formulas I tried from the brand, and they have so many fabulous one-coaters! It looks beautiful though and wears well – on me, this mani lasted about a week, and I only removed it because I wanted a new color.

Emma nail polish formulas are 12-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

#EmmaWorkingOut was a limited edition color, but you can still find it on Amazon. To check out other Emma V.S.N.P. polishes, visit their website.

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