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You all know by now that I love trying new skin care, and my routine is honestly pretty complicated. However, there are companies that want to keep our routine as simple as possible, and that’s probably a good thing. One such company is DermWORX, that offers products to target some of the most common skin concerns: aging, dryness, acne, and local skin pain.


Practical. Premium. Effective. These three words describe DermWORX to the core. The company provides a line of premium, non-prescription dermatologic health products, available exclusively through skin health professionals. Developing quality skin care products takes balanced expertise in both science and art… and DermWORX loves a good challenge! The company roots its product development in clinical science, optimizing efficacy and safety.”

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For this review I received two products to try: AcneWORX Gentle Acne Treatment Cream and CerumWORX Stable 10% Vitamin C + Biopeptides single-use capsules, because aging, uneven skin tone, and acne are currently my most pressing skin concerns.

CerumWORX capsules.

CerumWORX Stable 10% Vitamin C + Biopeptides single-use capsules come in a jar that protects them from moisture and light. I love single-use capsules like this, because it’s the most hygienic way to use beauty products, but unfortunately, that feature usually comes with a steep price tag. Still, this is an ideal kind of product for all germaphobes out there, who don’t think pump bottles are clean enough. Capsule format is also an ideal way of using vitamin-infused skin care, because that prevents the product from oxidizing before you get to use it up. DermWORX packed CerumWORX capsules with 10% Vitamin C, Vitamin E and bio-peptides to enhance the skin’s natural elasticity, brighten the complexion and smooth out fine lines.

AcneWORX cream.

AcneWORX Gentle Acne Treatment Cream is formulated with tried-and-tested 2% Sailcylic Acid to help combat those stubborn pimples gently and effectively. Salicylic Acid dissolves the hard oil plugging the pores, and really helps diminish the breakouts. Unlike most acne products, this cream does not contain any alcohol, making it a viable spot treatment option for people with dry or sensitive skin.

Top to bottom: AcneWORX tube size, AcneWORX texture

Well, now that you know what these products are and what makes them different, let me tell you how they worked for me. Just like many of you, I experience hormonal breakouts periodically, so that’s the problem I was hoping to solve with AcneWORX. It was pretty effective at subduing my breakouts, and most pimples were healed after a few days of applying the cream topically 2-3 times a day, but in that aspect, the effectiveness was no different than many other OTC anti-acne products I tried. What made AcneWORX stand out from the crowd is how gently it works. You know how with most acne treatments you experience slight burning, dryness, redness etc? None of that applied to this cream [at least for me, but everyones skin is different]; I even slathered it all over my face as an experiment [I’m crazy like that], and it felt just fine, just like a normal moisturizer. So yeah, if you are tired of over-drying and highly-irritating acne treatments, give AcneWORX a shot, chances are this is what you’ve been looking for.

Top to bottom: CerumWORX capsule size, CerumWORX texture

CerumWORX capsules were my favorite product among the two; they worked absolutely wonderfully at preventing my moisturizer from oxidizing and also evened out my skin tone a little bit. I used one capsule in the morning under the moisturizer and it didn’t make it flake off, like some other serums I tried. Upon application my skin tingled a little bit, which is to be expected from a 10% Vitamin C serum, but that sensation usually went away within 5 minutes. As for its line smoothing properties, I didn’t really notice any, but I just recently smoothed them out after switching up my skin care routine, so the lines haven’t bothered me for a while. At the very least, I know that they didn’t reappear, so I concluded that this serum is suitable for maintaining my skin in good condition.

Would I recommend these products? Absolutely! If you are sick and tired of those super-drying acne treatments, you should give AcneWORX a shot, because it has a mild water-based formula that doesn’t contain any alcohol. And antioxidants are always good for any skin type, so unless you’re super sensitive to one or more of these ingredients, I’d say CerumWORX capsules could fit well in any beauty routine.

AcneWORX – $38 USD for 1oz. Available at DermWORX.
CerumWORX – $75 USD for 60ct. Available at DermWORX.

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