Photo Diary: Conway’s at Three Oaks, MI

Photo Diary: Conway's at Three Oaks, MI

My first photo diary post featuring Tulip Festival in Holland, MI was more popular than I anticipated, after all you guys are here for my monthly unboxings and skincare reviews. I’ve been very slowly transitioning into a lifestyle blog, but most of my content will probably remain beauty related, because it’s my passion and it makes me happy. So today I wanted to take you on another little journey to Three Oaks, MI, a quaint Midwestern town that’s about 30 minute drive from my home. My husband was looking for high-rated restaurants in a fairly wide radius, and eventually stumbled upon Conway’s, an Irish cafe known for its authentic homemade food.

Photo Diary: Conway's at Three Oaks, MI Photo Diary: Conway's at Three Oaks, MI

I fell in love with the place before we even stepped in. How cute is this little house! The dining area inside is very small, I didn’t specifically count but I roughly remember maybe 6 tables total. The seating varies from antique wooden chairs, to sofas and rustic painted benches, and the interior as a whole was welcoming and full of charming ambiance.

Photo Diary: Conway's at Three Oaks, MI Photo Diary: Conway's at Three Oaks, MI

For such a small place the menu is surprisingly broad: there were dozens of items, including seasonal dishes and specials. I didn’t look at the printed menu at all and just ordered things by pointing at them on the blackboard above the cash register. Just so you know, the blackboards with menu and the bakery mini-aisle have no prices listed anywhere, so I literally have no idea how much everything cost! It wasn’t much though, because our party ordered 4 entrees, 3 desserts, and 3 coffees and we paid less than $45 with tax and everything.

My husband and I split a fresh out of the oven scotch egg and a tuna salad housed between the slices of award-winning whole grain bread, and they were both delicious; I’d order them again. I also enjoyed a traditional Irish lemon scone with a cup of coffee, and it was absolutely scrumptious! The scone was still warm and crumbled easily, and the coffee was rich and smooth. FYI Conway’s uses Lavazza beans, which are considered to be pretty high quality. My mom is coming to visit in a couple of weeks, and I plan to take her to Conway’s because I know she’s going to love it there.

Have you tried Irish cuisine? Do you like scones? Let me know in the comments below!

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