Glossybox Review: June 2012

Glossybox usually sets a theme for their monthly boxes, and this June it is “Summer Simplicity”. This is the first month since they decided to have multiple box variations and seems like not everyone is happy about it.

About Glossybox:
Glossybox is one of the most popular international beauty subscription boxes, and now it finally came to the US. Each month Glossybox subscribers receive up to six deluxe-size to full size products from crème de la crème of international brands. At $21/month this is one of the most expensive monthly boxes, but the value of your box will always be above. Click here to join Glossybox.

1. Ahava Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash – Hibiscus & Fig
I absolutely loved this body wash! It was very gentle and silky, and the foam had the consistency of whipped cream. After the shower my skin felt very soft and moisturized. At $22/bottle it’s a little too pricey for me right now but I will definitely switch to it as soon as I can afford to splurge on a shower gel.

Full size: $23 at Ulta
Sample received: $3.91 calculated value

2. First Aid Beauty Smooth Shave Cream
This shave cream was alright, I can’t say it wowed me but it was still nice enough to give me a close shave and no razor cuts. I have gotten the same results with cheaper products so I wouldn’t say this specific shave cream can become my staple or a must-have.

Full size: $7.50 at Sephora
Sample received: Full size!

3. Ofra Cosmetics Eye Shadow ICE in Never Back
I try to avoid dramatic eye makeup so this one will be used as an eyeliner. The staying power is really nice, it didn’t smudge or streak throughout the day, which is especially nice at summer. I liked the gray color, it looks very natural used as an eyeliner. I think it’s perfect for the natural day look.

Full size: $17.50 at Ofra
Sample received: Full size!

4. VBeauté Lite Up, Buying Time and Eye Never
I had mixed feeling about this sample set when I first opened my box. Even though I felt like my samples were too small, I realized later that those are some very expensive products. I really liked the serum, it absorbed into my skin right away so when I put my moisturizer on top of it my face didn’t end up feeling greasy. The eye cream sample will last me a while. I read some reviews where someone said this sample had enough product only for one eye, which is totally wrong unless their sample was smaller than mine for some reason. It seems like a lot of people don’t realize how little eyecream you really need. Very often puffiness and dark circles can be caused by using too much eye cream, the amount you need for each eye without going overboard is about the size of a tiny rice grain.

Full sizes: $150 for Lite Up, $135 for Buying Time, $85.00 Eye Never at VBeaute
Samples received: $13.30 calculated combined value

5. Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for Fine to Normal Hair
This hair mask smelled just like any other salon hair care product. I didn’t get any sensational results, and I’m not sure how Wella can be considered a luxury brand (which is what Glossybox is supposed to be about). I’ve been using Wella products for many years and they are on the cheap end of salon products. This particular mask made my hair very soft and that’s about all I can say about it. I’ve gotten better results for the same money from Nexxus and Matrix masks.

Full size: $12 at Ulta
Sample received: $2 calculated value

6. A Perfume Organic Urban Organic
This perfume oil is a little extra they threw in our boxes. Lots of people didn’t like it but I actually did, I think it works well with my  skin’s natural smell. It’s very citrusy and warm, with slight notes of your favorite salad spices. I thought it was a very interesting smell!

Full size: $65 at Perfume Organic
Sample received: $5.41 calculated value

My favorite item in this month’s box is Ahava body wash, it’s definitely going to my list of things to buy as soon as I can afford them. What did you think about this box? What was your favorite product? Do you wish you got a different box?

My box value this month: $49.62!