About-Face: First Impressions, Swatches & Review

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About-Face by Halsey: First Impressions, Swatches & Review

About-Face by Halsey: First Impressions, Swatches & Review

It’s a pretty ballsy move to launch a new cosmetic brand in this oversaturated market during a global pandemic, but that’s exactly what about-face did. The brainchild of Ashley Frangipane a.k.a. Halsey, the brand is dedicated to being unapologetically you, everywhere at any time. The products aim to inspire creativity and self-expression through makeup by offering a variety of fun and neutral shades and finishes, with planned future expansions based on consumer demand.

I had the opportunity to try an assortment of products from the initial launch, so here are some of my first impressions and, of course, swatches! Also, there’s a brand new Anti V-Day collection dropping today that introduces 5 new shades of Matte Lip Color liquid lipsticks and 4 new shades of Matte Fix Lip Pencils. Because roses and chocolate are good and all but sometimes you just want black lipstick instead! View Post