Jillian Dempsey Summer Makeup Essentials

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Jillian Dempsey Clean & Non-toxic makeup review & swatches

Jillian Dempsey Summer Makeup Picks (review & swatches)

I feel like a lot of us here share the same sentiment: summer is the worst time of year to be wearing a full face of makeup if you live in an area where the temps get into the high 80s and up. Personally, I skip foundation on most days, and not in a braggy sort of way, like “look at me, my skin’s so perfect I don’t need foundation.” As much as I’d love to wear some to even out my complexion, a combination of heat, humidity and my combo skin ensures that everything melts off, or at the very least, looks absolutely horrible after the first hour outside. So yeah, those no-foundation days are definitely not by choice. With that said, light eye and cheek makeup are always my go-to, and that’s pretty much what I chose to try from Jillian Dempsey’s summer collection. View Post