Becca The One Perfecting Brush Review #BeccaTheOne

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When it comes to makeup brushes, I always feel like I already have a nice set and don’t really need any more, which is why I was a little hesitant to review Becca’s The One Perfecting Brush. Let’s just say that the outcome was completely unexpected!

Becca stunned the beauty world with this new multi-tasting beauty tool that claims to do the job of ten different brushes. From  primer to powder, from liquids to creams – this brush will effortlessly prime, blend, set and contour, completely replacing other ways of applying makeup. Made with 100% cruelty-free goat hair, this brush is easy to use and just as easy to clean – simply wash it with lukewarm water with a mild soap or baby shampoo and you’re set.

When I first read the statement above I was a bit shocked, because claiming that your product replaces 10 others is quite a ballsy move. Spoiler alert: this brush really is as good as they say! What makes it unique? First of all, it’s made with 100% cruelty-free non-porous goat hair, which ensures that the product sits on top of the bristles instead of sinking in, and that in turn leads to a more even product distribution.

Normally I spread the primer with my fingers, then use a sponge to apply a BB Cream, after that I use an angled brush for contouring and highlighting, Kabuki brush for blush, and a big fluffy brush for setting everything with fine translucent powder. That’s three brushes and a sponge right there The One just replaced for me, because not only it can do the job of each one, it does everything better.

So, what are those mysterious ten brushes, you might ask? Here is the full list of tools you will never need anymore [according to Becca] if you have The One:

  • Foundation brush
  • Powder brush
  • Contour brush
  • Bronzer brush
  • Stipple brush
  • Blush brush
  • Fan brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Kabuki brush
  • Sponge

The brush comes with a small sheet that explains different ways to use it, and I actually found it very helpful. For example, the best way to apply blush is sort of like you’d use a math compass to draw a circle, and it actually made my cheeks look absolutely fabulous. My most favorite result, however, was when I used The One with the BB Cream. Instead of my usual cookie cutter natural-looking face I got an airbrushed effect that appeared like my makeup was professionally done, and I have never seen my skin look this good.

Becca The One Perfecting Brush is definitely on the expensive side, but after experiencing it for myself I think it’s really worth every penny!

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$49 USD. Available at Sephora, Becca Cosmetics, Dermstore, Birchbox.

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