Bean Box Review: Perfect Gift for Coffee Snobs

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Hey guys, I think I found the perfect gift for a picky coffee snob in your life! Bean Box is a Seattle-based company started by a team of coffee enthusiasts who wanted to share authentic experience of local roasts and coffee shops with their friends and family, that eventually grew to be a thriving business. I’m kind of a coffee snob myself in the sense that I don’t like most coffees, because they all taste burned and bitter; but I do appreciate the subtleties of unique roasts and freshly ground gourmet coffee beans, which is a luxury few of us can afford to indulge in on daily basis.

gift for coffee snobs, gourmet roasts, bean box review, unboxing, 2015, seattle coffeeHOW IT WORKS: Bean Box is a gourmet coffee sampling service. For $20/month subscribers will receive four kinds of high quality whole coffee beans, freshly roasted within 1-2 days of shipping to ensure the richest flavor possible. Click here to check it out.

Each box comes with four 1.8oz bags, filled with coffee beans, with the day of the roast marked on the back of each bag. Two of my coffees were roasted on February 10th, and the other two on the 9th [can you tell I’m a procrastinator?], and as promised, I received my box within a few days of the roast.

gift for coffee snobs, gourmet roasts, bean box review, unboxing, 2015, seattle coffeeThe first coffee I tried was Nicaragua Cerro del Cielo from Caffe Vita roasting company. Let me tell you ladies, this coffee smelled like heaven, and I just wanted to let it sit on my counter and never use it because it made the entire room smell like a fancy coffee shop with faint whiffs of nuts and citrus. I don’t own a coffee grinder, but my blender has an attachment for shaving ice, and that’s what I used. Worked like a charm, albeit MacGyvered!

gift for coffee snobs, gourmet roasts, bean box review, unboxing, 2015, seattle coffeeI’m no connoisseur, but I know good coffee when I taste one. Once brewed, Nicaragua Cerro del Cielo developed a very rich profile of flavors and kept tricking my taste buds with hints of caramel, tangerines, and chocolate. It’s supposed to taste like plum, too, and I think that’s what my tongue mistook for citrus. Either way, I think it’s easily one of the best coffees I’ve ever had.

Another coffee I tried [sipping on it today, actually] was Kilenso Ethiopia from Slate Coffee Roasters, which Bean Box describes as a “bright roast with notes of strawberry, blueberry, and powdered cocoa”. My Mom is a huge fan of The Beatles, and started singing Strawberry Fields Forever as soon as I told her about this one.

gift for coffee snobs, gourmet roasts, bean box review, unboxing, 2015, seattle coffeeThe beans really smell like chocolate-covered strawberries! With a little bit of honey as a sweetener, Kilenso Ethiopia turned into delicious dessert coffee with very prominent hints of ripe strawberries and cocoa. I bet it will taste even better iced, so I think I might order a large bag for Summer. My nose wasn’t able to pick up blueberries, but I’m sure it’s because my coffee palate is just not trained enough for those subtleties.

I saved the other two bags for entertaining, because I am convinced that every bean inside of them is of the highest quality, and that my guests will enjoy their coffee til the last sip.

Are you a coffee lover? Have you tried gourmet coffee roasts before?

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