Massive Beauty Purge Project: Liquid Highlighters

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Decluttering for the new year! Massive Beauty Purge Project: Liquid Highlighters - via @glamorable from | #glamorable #highlighter #konmari #declutter #beautypurge #makeup

Massive Beauty Purge Project: Liquid Highlighters

Here’s another destash update for you guys, and today we are dealing with liquid highlighters. This is going to be a short list because I don’t use liquid makeup often in general, except foundation, but these are all products that I actually wore plenty of times in the past. I’ll skip the lengthy intro, because you all know the drill: only products that I plan to be using often will stay and everything else is going to be given away to friends and family. I only donate BNIB products.

Decluttering for the new year! Massive Beauty Purge Project: Liquid Highlighters - via @glamorable from | #glamorable #highlighter #konmari #declutter #beautypurge #makeup


Perricone MD No Highlighter Highlighter* ($35) – I love this highlighter so much! It’s totally weightless on the skin and gives my cheeks the most beautiful natural glow. The color is best described as subtle champagne shimmer, and the swatches don’t do it justice at all. The shimmer is very fine, so it looks like very light sheen on the skin rather than a full-blown highlight.

The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew ($18) – Now that is a bold metallic highlight! I think I got this in a Birchbox ages ago when I still subscribed to it. This rich rose gold highlighter is such a beauty to look at, but it’s totally not my style. As much as I love this look on others, it just doesn’t work for me.

CoverFX Illuminating Primer ($38) – OK, technically it’s a primer, but I’ve been using it as a liquid highlighter because it’s very shimmery on me. It’s a lovely product, but I haven’t been reaching for it lately, and it’s probably way past the expiration date.

Found Beauty Radiant Illuminating Drops Moon Lit* ($8.88) – This new brand just landed on the shelves at Walmart, and you guys really need to check it out. The products are made with 90-99% natural ingredients, and the formulas I tried are superb. That includes this beautiful 93% natural rose gold highlighter that looks better on the skin as the day goes on.

Temptu S/B highlighter Pink Pearl ($28) – The description of this liquid highlighter is perfect: pink pearl is exactly what I thought when I saw it for the first time. The formula is thin and very liquid, but it looks beautiful on the skin, especially with that pink shift.

Decluttering for the new year! Massive Beauty Purge Project: Liquid Highlighters - via @glamorable from | #glamorable #highlighter #konmari #declutter #beautypurge #makeup

The survivors: Perricone MD No Highlighter Highlighter and Found Beauty Radiant Illuminating Drops Moon Lit.


This post was quite a bit shorter than my bronzer purge, wasn’t it? That’s because these are just the liquid highlighters, and I still have powder and cream ones to go through soon. 🙂 I just love highlighters, so I expect to keep quite a few in my collection, as opposed to bronzers that I don’t use often. I know I didn’t really go into too much detail about the products in my purge pile, but that’s because they are all great. I find it to be the hardest part of downsizing – when you are down to your favorites, but there are just too many to keep.

In the end, I kept Perricone MD No Highlighter Highlighter and Found Beauty Radiant Illuminating Drops in Moon Lit, because the first one is amazing for low key no-makeup days, and the other one is bolder, but still on a more neutral side. Also, that particular tone of rose gold looks so flattering on my fair complexion!

Do you have a favorite liquid highlighter? Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below!

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