What Products Do You Splurge On?

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I totally skipped last week’s Talk To Me Tuesday, because I was just busy-busy-busy, I’m lucky I even wrote enough posts for the week. What shall we talk about today? How about splurge-worthy products for a topic?

As a beauty blogger, I have to admit [without bragging] that I do get a lot of products gratis for editorial consideration, but very often I end up purchasing them on my own. There are some things I love to buy at a discounted rate, or look for drugstore options, while others I feel like I have to splurge on. So far there were two categories of products I had to pay extra for: fragrances and skincare [especially moisturizers].

I feel like it’s very hard to find unique fragrances full of personality among less expensive brands, very often they feel too generic. Sure they probably smell good, but if I wanted to just smell nice I would simply use an inexpensive scented body lotion. As for skincare, I guess I was just brought up this way, because I don’t see any real logic behind the decision to buy fancy moisturizers and serums. Maybe I was always under the impression that you get what you pay for? Things have changed a lot in the cosmetic world over the past decade, but old habits die hard 🙂

My most recent splurges in both categories were small 1oz bottle of Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensée and a replacement bottle of Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum SPF30, since I recently ran out.

What personal care products do you splurge on?

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