Unclog Your Pores With Biore Apple Honey Pore Cleansing Strips

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Pore clearing strips aren’t a novelty, but scented strips definitely are. One of my latest obsessions is Biore Apple Honey Strips, that were released as a Limited Edition scent for Asian market earlier this year. I bet you’re asking yourself, why should you care about scented nose strips, and my answer would be: it’s more fun! I figured that since they cost just as much as the regular strips, there was no reason not to try them. I purchased mine from YesStyle where they offer free shipping to the US for all orders over $25 [an easily reachable threshold for a beauty enthusiast], in addition to a few other goodies.

Each strip is individually packaged, which makes them sanitary and great for travel.

Since Asian skin is normally pretty thick, the strips manufactured for Asian markets have more horsepower. They’re thicker and stickier, so the amount of gunk they can take out of your pores in one go is pretty substantial. It might be a bad idea for people with very dry and sensitive skin to use them, but for my combination skin nothing worked better.

In fact, I took a picture just to show you how much stuff came off my nose after one application. It looks like a lot, doesn’t it? I had no idea my pores were that dirty because I didn’t seem to have any blackheads or clogged pores, at least visually. The formula of Biore Apple Honey Strips just kind of sank deep into the pores, adhered to the solidified oil within, and took everything out with ease. This is great news for anyone struggling with blackheads, because this stuff actually works!

Sorry for gross images, but this is the best way to show you just how effective these strips are.

Now in case you’ve never used nose strips before here’s how I do it.

  1. First I make sure the nose area is soaking wet with water.
  2. Then I unwrap the nose patch, take the clear plastic off, and apply it to my nose, making sure it covers the tip and the sides well.
  3. Then I take a clean dry towel and press it against my nose to help the strip adhere better, making sure all air bubbles are smoothed out.
  4. Wait until the patch is dry and stiff [10 minutes or so], then slowly peel it off starting from either side of the nose.
  5. Sometimes there’s white residue left, so I just wash my face with a cleanser, and apply my daily skincare.

As far as the fragrance goes, I think it’s just super fun to smell sweet apples while wearing a nose patch. The smell is like sweet green apples with a hint of honey, definitely more apples than honey. Right now these strips are my beauty staples, and I can’t imagine my routine without them.

$6.90 USD for 10 sheets. Available at YesStyle (now sold in Citrus scent)

Have you ever used pore strips before?

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