Turn Snow Day Into SPA Day

Our first snow of the season came without warning… I mean, I’m sure if I looked at forecast every few hours I would have known that it’s coming. However, it still comes as a huge surprise when you go to take a shower and there’s green lawn outside, and come out 30 minutes later to discover Winter Wonderland. Snow days somewhat paralyze people in this area, because plowing is an annoying chore, and it always feels like it will all be for nothing in a couple of hours anyway.

Turn Snow Day Into SPA Day. Read more at >> www.glamorable.com | via @glamorableEven though I work from home, I don’t like snow days either. They make me feel sleepy and less productive. Sometimes I give in to the laziness and simply enjoy watching my favorite shows in bed on my laptop with a cup of hot tea. I also call these lazy days my SPA days, and this is when I usually indulge in things like multiple facial masks, full-body exfoliating, and all kinds of beauty treatments that I don’t do every day.

Turn Snow Day Into SPA Day. Read more at >> www.glamorable.com | via @glamorableDuring my last lazy day I used some of my favorite skin treats: FarmHouse Fresh Brandy Pear Sea Salt Body Polish to thoroughly slough off dead skin, new StriVectin Oxygen Infusion Smoothing Mask to detoxify the pores, and finished with The Face Shop Red Ginseng Sheet Mask that I bought in NYC’s Koreatown last week.

Turn Snow Day Into SPA Day. Read more at >> www.glamorable.com | via @glamorableMy tea of choice was Teavana’s loose leaf Gingerbread mixed with plain loose leaf black tea in 1:3 proportion, so I still get all the spicy flavors and aroma without using too much of that precious mix. Considering that I drink 2-3 pots of tea every day, it adds up quickly!

And yes, I did all that while catching up on episodes of my favorite NBC shows – The Blacklist and The Voice. I also want to start watching the new Heroes Reborn, but I still need to finish a few episodes of the original show first. By the way, did you know that you don’t need a TV to watch popular NBC shows? I stream them from nbc.com, so I could swoon over Reddington in my blanket fort while painting my toenails 🙂

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Do you like streaming TV shows? What are your favorite NBC series? Have you seen any of these shows before? How do you spend snow days in? Let me know in the comments below!

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