Things I Do That Annoy People

Nothing to Disclose

Today as part of Talk To Me Tuesday series I wanted to share something completely random, yet still personal: things I do that annoy other people, but not on purpose of course. I’m sure most of us [all of us?] do things that bother others, and very often we’re completely unaware of them, unless we’re told. Here I listed a few things I’ve been told to stop doing more than once or twice, yet I still keep doing them out of habit.

1. Complaining – I admit, I’m a terrible complainer when I have to do things that I really don’t want to do. I’ve always whined about cleaning, homework, having to visit unpleasant/creepy relatives that I don’t really like etc. Thing is, I will complain for an hour, then I will go and do it anyway because, well, I kinda “have” to. So I’ve always been told to just stop wasting my own time and everyone’s patience, and just do it without complaining. See, if I don’t get it off my chest, I will feel terrible all day! <- that’s the lame excuse I give myself.

2. Overdressing – Imagine you’re at a casual party, with Wii, pizza and drinks in plastic cups. Everyone is wearing relaxed attire: jeans, hoodies, tshirts; and then there’s one girl in an LBD and high heels. I’m that girl. It’s not my fault I like wearing cute stuff, I usually save casual clothes for home or traveling. I even wear heels to the grocery store! I guess it’s cultural, because in my hometown overdressing isn’t a crime, but underdressing is a major faux pas.

3. Being a beauty blogger – It’s actually a little insulting that some people would look down on anybody who works in the beauty industry, even though as a beauty blogger I can’t really say I do because I just write about it as a hobby more than anything [fyi, this blog doesn’t make enough to pay the bills, it doesn’t even fully cover the makeup and subscription boxes I purchase for reviews]. As soon as someone asks what I do and I tell them I’m a housewife and a beauty blogger [because why not, it’s true after all], I almost expect them to think I’m just a shallow doll that only cares about makeup and nail polish, even though I have a BA in International Journalism as well as MA in Russian Philology, and can speak two languages fluently, while being the first generation immigrant [as in, I wasn’t born in the US, and noone else in my family speaks English]. My other major interest, aside from blogging, is astronomy. I think the Universe is amazing! Did any of you catch the first episode of Cosmos this past weekend? I thought it was just okay, like an intro level for those who know nothing about the subject; I’m hoping they will juice it up as the show progresses. By the way, VampyVarnish has a great article about the social stigma of being a beauty blogger, check it out if this topic resonates with you.

Well, these three things are all I could think of right off the bat, and I’m sure there are more that I’m still unaware of. What about you ladies?

Is there anything you consistently do that other people don’t like?

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