Sunday Reads 4/12/20

Sunday Reads 4/12/20

This is where I would usually leave a quick blurb about the highlights of my past week, but frankly, nothing good happened. I managed to burn my arm by carelessly moving it over the steam vent in the rice cooker and it just happened to release at that very second, scalding an area approximately 4″ wide. It hurt for several days and just finally started peeling today so it’s mostly healed already. My Imperfect Produce order got canceled for this week without any explanation as to why, and my Instacart grocery delivery got pushed from Friday to next Tuesday [I ordered on Monday!]. This is the first time I had to tap into my frozen and canned pantry reserves since the beginning of quarantine, but that’s the main reason I stocked up on those things, to begin with, so they are finally serving their purpose. Our grocery stores aren’t closed or anything, but we are intentionally avoiding public places at all costs, even if that means surviving a few extra days on canned peaches, ramen, and frozen meatballs.

And here’s your reading list for today!

1 // How Will The Coronavirus Impact Minimalism? – In light of COVID-19, many families were recently forced into minimalism. This short post touches on the importance of not viewing minimalism as a sacrifice.

2 // Addictive Asian Garlic Noodles Recipe – Simple pasta recipe featuring few, mostly shelf-stable ingredients you might already have in your pantry and freezer. Quick and packed with flavor.

3 // Getting Used to a New Normal – If you’re tired of overly positive and bubbly quarantine content that makes you feel like you’re the only one out there who doesn’t want to get off the couch, trust me, you’re not alone. Your body has its own ways of dealing with stress. Listen to it.

4 // Doing Your Part: Coronavirus + Social Conscience – Another perspective from a fellow beauty blogger that I agree with. I’ve always enjoyed how eloquently Paula manages to describe exactly what’s going on in my head, better than I could.

5 // Tuna Salad – Yep, it’s a classic tuna salad recipe. One of the easiest things to whip up from your pantry and yet many of us are so busy that we don’t actually know how to. This recipe is worth saving. Pro tip: you can replace tuna with an equal amount of chicken breast or egg, and you’ll have yourself an easy egg salad or chicken salad sandwich!

Have a lovely Sunday and stay safe out there!