Sunday Reads 2/23/20

Sunday Reads 2/23/20

Sunday Reads 2/23/20

Random fact: Russians are celebrating Father’s Day today! Well, technically it’s called Defender of the Fatherland Day when we celebrate all men whether they’re fathers or not. This year February 23rd happened to be on a Sunday so everyone gets an extra day off tomorrow. It’s kind of a bummer that I couldn’t be there to celebrate with my family, but at least we were able to chat on Skype.

I also caught up on my newsletters and Bloglovin’ feed, and here are some of my favorites.

1 // 3 Lessons From a 75 Year Old to Save Your 20s – Who else loves reading these? I swear, I could have avoided making a lot of really stupid mistakes if only I listened to mom back in the day. Now that I’m in my 30s, I definitely appreciate it when older people share their experience and advice.

2 // Someone Has More Than You. Get Used To It. – I bet we all compared ourselves to someone else at some point in life or maybe we still do. This article doesn’t delve into any groundbreaking concepts, but it serves as a gentle reminder to appreciate what we do have. It’s a nice wholesome read that will make you feel good.

3 // Creating A Personal Mission Statement – A short and sweet post by one of my blogging buddies about creating your personal mission statement. What did you come up with?

4 // The Truth About Success and Self Motivation – Did you ever hype up your goals, achieve them, celebrate, and then feel like the excitement is completely gone shortly after? Suzie’s latest blog post resonates with my personal struggles on so many levels!

5 // 6 Powerful Benefits of Decluttering Your Home + Life – In case you needed another reminder that less stuff = less stress. I use these posts as motivation to continuously keep the clutter out because things tend to pile up around here.

Enjoy your Sunday!